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Etech motors tend to be small, also, but, by my observation, have been very reliable, if not particularly sprightly. Again, they are best suited to bikes, or low-speed, light town-cars.

This brings us to the major players, Advanced DC (ADC) and Warfield Electric (Warp). These two brands are virtually identical in specification, and can be interchanged freely.

There is considerable information available about the range of both these brands, and it would take too long to list all the motors available.

I have chosen to list the ADC range here, but the corresponding Warp motors can be substituted.

The motors for cars start at 6.7”diameter and go up to 9” for normal use. There are also 11” and 13” motors available, but these are for racing and sport, and are not covered here.

The ADC motors are:

  • K91-4003 (6.7”dia. x 11.5” short motor) Volt range 72-96volt.

  • X91-4001 (6.7”dia. x 15.3” std, motor) Volt range 72-144volt.

  • L91-4003 (6.7”dia. x 15.3” fast motor) Volt range 72-120volt.

  • 203-06-4001 (8”dia. x 14.7”) Volt range 72-120volt.

  • FB1-4001 (9”Dia. x 15.6”) Volt range 72-144 volt.

The voltage ranges of the motors are:

  • K91-4003; 48-96volt,

  • X91-4001; 72-144volt,

  • L91-4001; 72-120volt,

  • 203-06-4001; 72-120volt

  • FB1-4001; 72-144volt.

The above information is from the ADC website, and, presumably, reflects their official position. However, it seems to be accepted that the 8” and 9” motors can be run at voltages up to 192. Careful monitoring of temperature would be necessary in such cases, and the warranty would probably be voided.

To select one of these for your vehicle, the following is a guide: Vehicles up to 750kg:

  • K91-4003 where space and range are more important that speed.

  • X91-4001 for long range and good performance at 120V.

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