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Remember that all these prices will have risen by up to 45% in recent times! So my costing is really only roughly relative.

These prices differed a bit, depending on where they were bought, and included a fair margin for importing etc. The same motors could be bought for as little as 2/3 of these prices from the US, but then came customs, import agents/brokers, GST, etc, all of which closed the gap a bit. BUT! All the gains of self-importing can be lost if the goods are faulty and must be returned to the US. You will not get much of your import outlay back, and you may have to do battle with a dealer who “frankly couldn’t give a damn!”

Ebay and second-hand deals can be very attractive, but consider the risks.

It is certainly worthwhile going online to American sites to see what is out there, and many of the smaller items can be purchased to advantage, but, if we want an Australian Industry to be here when we want it, and to provide backup service, we need to support it. It’s as simple as that.


By now, you should have a fair idea of what car and motor you plan to use. It is now possible to calculate the weight of the vehicle (less the ICE bits and plus the weight of the motor). You should know what voltage you need, so you can calculate what batteries can be fitted without exceeding the Manufacturer’s GVM.

This is a good time to review your choice of vehicle. Does it still look OK? How will all these new bits fit in it? Will it still do what you wanted it to do?

There are sites on the net, which list conversions by others and how they perform. Check your plans against these.

Join the Australian Electric Vehicles Association (AEVA), and meet others who have done it before you. They can help you to source parts, and share some of the pitfalls.

You will find that many claims will conflict. Everyone has their favourite way of doing things. They can get pretty passionate about it! But the fact remains, that there is no “one” way.

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