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Bdale Envir Ch 14 – Water Resources and Water Pollution

Intro is a water wars story about Nile River

Nile essential to life in Egypt, but Ethiopia plans to divert water

Fig 14-1 shows the region, rivers

Quote indicates “spreading scarcity of fresh water facing the world in this new millennium”

14-1 – Water’s importance and unique properties

This IS the water planet…..70% water.

Many organisms, including people, are 50-65% water.

There are a number of unique properties that are listed:

Hydrogen bonds

Exists over a wide range of temperature

High heat capacity moderates earth’s temp fluctuations

Water has tremendous dissolving power

Unique property of density decrease upon freezing (ice floats)

14-2 - supply, renewal, and use

just a tiny fraction of planet’s water is available as fresh water (Fig 14-2)

97.4% is in ocean

2.59% is in ice caps & glaciers

0.01% is available for soil moisture, GW, lakes/streams

analogy – if there were100 liters (26 gallons)  total of water on the planet, only 2.5 teaspoons would be usable fresh water

luckily, fresh water is continuously recycled through the hydro cycle, so fresh water is continuously being pulled out of the ocean and returning to Earth.

But GW acts like a non-renewable resource if we pull it out of the ground faster than it recharges

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