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Cohen 12

poem "to be beautifully accurate when you once make the plunge and compel

yourself to open your eyes in the limpid depths under its confused surface" (14). In

the fifth chapter of the


Freud offers a similar argument, impatiently

dismissing the impossibility of the primal scene being apprehended and remembered

by the patient at age one-and-a-half, then recalled and comprehended at age four:

Anyone who will take the trouble of pursuing an analysis into these depths by

means of the prescribed technique will convince himself that it is decidedly

possible. Anyone who neglects this, and breaks off the analysis in some

higher stratum, has waived his right of forming a judgement [sic] on the

matter. (192)

Failure to agree with me means you either have not performed an analysis, or if you

have, have not performed it properly. Whichever the case, not only do you forfeit the

legitimacy of your position, but you also demonstrate yourself to be incapable of

having a position.

The Freud of The Wolf-Man feels harassed, defensive, and desperate; Kinbote

amplifies these emotions to a degree simultaneously comic and pathetic. "Such

hearts, such brains," he trembles, referring to the Shadeans and their representatives,

"would be unable to comprehend that one's attachment to a masterpiece may be

utterly overwhelming, especially when it is the underside of the weave that entrances

the beholder and only begetter" (17). "Attachment" suggests emotional commitment,

parasitism, and, given the hypnotic combination of "entrances" and "utterly

overwhelming," the magical entrapment of "the beholder," who both possesses and is

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