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Optimise your performance

Housekeeping can be a bit mundane, but always worth it for the end result. This theory also applies to the computers in your business – maintaining a healthy IT environment is essential to keep not only your hardware ticking over, but also means you’re able to gain optimum performance from the programs you’re running.

The availability of colour coding will be subject to the data provided by the vehicle manufacturers and will be extended as and when new information becomes available. We’re keen to emphasise that the colour- coding within graphics is provided as an alert to differing material types and should be used as a guide only. We’d strongly recommend that the information is used in conjunction with methods information provided by the vehicle manufacturers or Thatcham.

By leveraging the relationships that we have with the vehicle manufacturers, we have been able to obtain vital additional information on material types and are providing it to our user community. It’s an important, ongoing investment to ensure we continue to meet our market’s needs.

Below are a few basic housekeeping steps to enable you to keep your computers secure and your systems running at peak performance:

  • Optimise connectivity – ensure that your broadband connection is the best you can get. The performance of AudaEnterpriseGold is dependent on this and broadband speed can be affected by a number of factors which can be quickly resolved

  • Enhance power – make sure your processor power and RAM is at its maximum. We’d recommend at least Pentium 4, 3GHz and 1GB of RAM as a minimum

  • Protect yourself – Viruses and spyware are notorious for slowing down internet connection and performance – check you’re not infected and ensure you’re fully protected!

  • Clean up – complete regular deletions of the temporary internet files in your cache folder

  • Complete jobs in AudaEnterpriseGold completing jobs doesn’t mean they are deleted, they are simply hidden from your view and can be ‘woken-up’. Completing

jobs will enhance the AudaEnterpriseGold.

performance of

These tips can be found in full, along with some Audatex user case studies, in the enclosed Optimising Performance booklet. This can also be downloaded from our website at www.audatex.co.uk/performance so spread the word to your colleagues!

Update on vehicle identification

From the New Year users of GCC will see the availability of extended functionality within AudaEnterpriseGold for vehicle identification. Integral to AudaEnterpriseGold, Enhanced Model Selection (EMS) (previously known as AudaVIN) currently helps improve accuracy by populating the model selection details within an estimate from the vehicle registration. The forthcoming additional functionality will see EMS automatically pre-populating estimates with available data on make, model, derivative etc., at an earlier stage in the process, i.e. from the registration number entered in general details.

For news on this keep an eye on our website, www.audatex.co.uk and also on the My Audatex page in GCC.

Steps to enable you to keep your computers secure and your systems running at peak performance


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