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The technical committee has committed to keeping this valuable source of information as current as possible

At Your Service

We would like to say thank you to each and every one of the 662 customers who took the time to complete the on-line customer satisfaction survey which was compiled and dispatched on our behalf by independent research company, Survey Solutions. Your feedback is very important to us; it’s an essential part of our continual business improvement process.

We were particularly keen to hear your views on our latest innovation – Global Claims Centre (GCC) and the very good news is that just under 90% of repairer users are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the service. AudaEnterpriseGold received a similar rating by bodyshop and insurer customers alike and AudaDashboard broke the barrier with a 92% satisfied/extremely satisfied rating; an amazing result for such a new concept.

There are some areas for improvement; system speed being questionable for some of our customers. We are carrying out our own checks but we would encourage you to take a look at the “Optimising performance” booklet that we’ve compiled (see page 5).

Similarly, although there has been a marked improvement since last year (63% of users being satisfied or extremely satisfied compared with 43% in 2007), your feedback suggests that you would like to see improvements in the AudaVIN (EMS) service. We’re pleased to advise that we are taking steps to address this – see page 5 for more information on our latest AudaVIN release.

Further information on our 2008 customer satisfaction survey results can be found on our web site. Visit www.audatex.co.uk/survey

Transparency the watchword for Technical Committee

2008 has seen a number of changes made to the Audatex Technical Committee, with its members working hard over a short period of time to make its progress and results available for all to see.

The committee has worked on overhauling a number of areas, including:

  • Team structure

    • Re-aligned and revised accountabilities with industry figures acting as industry support and liaison and customer specialists providing an equal balance of expert representation from both repairer and insurer backgrounds

  • Operating model

    • Initiated formal case management process to resolve issues passed to the committee effectively and with minimum impact on business operations

A culmination of all the work and outputs from the committee has resulted in a significantly improved communications strategy, specifically with the unveiling of a series of dedicated pages within the Audatex website. These pages provide a wealth of regularly updated information – an essential for all users of GCC and AudaEnterpriseGold.

Included on the webpages is a Work in Progress document which covers all issues being investigated and validated at any one time. Also included is a guide to the appropriate processes to raise an issue for consideration by the committee.

  • Case escalation procedures implemented for cases to be forwarded to the Audatex Advisory Board where necessary

All Audatex users are easily able to access the information generated by the committee from www.audatex.co.uk, or via direct links from within GCC.

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