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YOUR KTRS MEDICAL COVERAGE – For those enrolled in Parts A and B of Medicare, the MEHP medical plan is a Medicare Advantage Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) plan currently administered by Humana. You may go to any Medicare-approved doctor or hospital that accepts the plan’s payment terms for covered services. Unlike many Medicare Advantage Plans, the PFFS does not have a network as with an HMO or PPO. If any of your providers are unfamiliar with the Medicare Advantage PFFS plan, please have them call Humana Provider Relations at 1-866-291-9714. If you are enrolled in both Parts A and B of Medicare, there is no need to give providers your Medicare card when receiving services. You simply show your new MEHP Humana PFFS ID card each time you receive care and providers file claims directly with Humana instead of Medicare. If you do not have both Parts A and B of Medicare, you must present your Medicare card first followed by your MEHP Humana ID card.

See the enclosed Summary of Benefits for an overview of the medical program. You will receive 2008 benefit documents from Humana, including your ID card, before your coverage is effective. Once enrolled, you can access a letter of coverage at www.humana.com. Also, you can access most benefit documents at



  • The MEHP Prescription Drug Plan is currently

administered by Medco. The program consists of a Retail Drug Program and a Mail Service Drug Program. The Retail Drug Program is designed for initial and short-term prescriptions and allows up to a 30 day supply

of medication to be obtained at a retail pharmacy. prescriptions which are taken on a long-term basis and

The Mail allows up

Service to a 90

Drug Program is designed for day supply of medication to be

obtained at Medco’s mail service pharmacy. prescription plan.

See the enclosed handbook for more details regarding the

You should expect to receive a prescription plan ID card and benefit package around the first week of your birth month. To avoid any possible lapse in your medication, obtain a refill through your current plan on the last day of the month prior to your birth month. If your ID card has not arrived by the time you need to obtain a prescription, please use the retiree’s Unique KTRS ID number with the group number of KTRSRX1. You may also print a temporary ID card by registering on www.medco.com. If you need specific information regarding a prescription prior to your effective date of coverage, please contact Medco at 1-800-551-8060, choose the Open Enrollment option, and reference the blanket ID of OEKTRSRET100993.

Listed below is the monthly cost of the 2008 KTRS MEHP:

5 – 9.99



10 – 14.99



15 – 19.99



20 – 24.99

$ 0.00


25 – 25.99

$ 0.00


26 – 26.99

$ 0.00


27 or more

$ 0.00


If you have any additional questions, please contact KTRS at 1


RVSD 9/07 FOR 2008


Spouses Pay Full Premium Rate of:

Years of Retiree Service


Retiree Cost If Hire Date Prior to 7/1/02

If Hire

Retiree Cost Date 7/1/02 or after

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