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Adopted 4/14/2004

Clearwater Fly Casters By-laws

with Bill; he would freely share his expertise, and he was an expert. Here's to a fine man, gentleman and a lover of fly-fishing”.

In 2004, Dave Engerbretson’s name was added in recognition of his contributions to fly fishing in many different areas. He did research for the genetic hackle industry, had close ties to and tested fly lines for a major manufacturer of fly angling equipment. He received, field-tested and wrote about waders, reels, rods, fins, bags and various other types of equipment. He also traveled and wrote extensively on fishing locations, lodges, and his experiences from around the world. Dave inspired countless novices and more experienced fly fishers at expositions, conclaves, and through his classes at WSU, for the UI Enrichment Program, and many other educational settings.

In recognition of Dave’s dedication to the advancement of fly anglers knowledge and skills everywhere, the scope of the scholarship was expanded to include any aspect of fishing education. Dave passed away in 2003.

Bill and Dave were friends and both were very active members of the Clearwater Fly Caster for many years. The membership of the club thought both men would be honored to have the others name combined with his own on this scholarship. Both men left a rich legacy to the fly fishing community.

Application Process: Any undergraduate or graduate student involved with fisheries research and management, natural resources management, fishing education or other work fostering the knowledge of fishing shall be eligible for this award. Preference will be given to individuals who are involved with the conservation and restoration of wild fish, fisheries management, and/or stream and habitat restoration either through research, education, or extension.

The Board of Directors is responsible for decisions regarding allocations of funds and for continued fund raising activities and for defining application and award guidelines.

The scholarship is awarded annually in December each year or at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

How to Apply: Interested candidates are asked to submit the following to the Clearwater Fly Casters Board of Directors:

1. A one-page description of the proposed research project with the appropriate contact information for the student and a faculty advisor. 2. Letter of endorsement from the faculty advisor.

Where to Apply: Applications are to be submitted to the Board of Directors by November 1st of each year. Letters of Applications can be sent to:


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