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For the sad Kansas City incarnation, they have 1B Vic Power, 2B Jerry Lumpe, 3B Ed Charles, SS Dick Howser, OF Gus Zernial, Norm Siebern, and Bob Cerv, C Hal Smith, and P Bud Daley. I'm not going to discuss any of these guys, as the only one I considered for my all-time team was Zernial for the sixth OF spot.

The Oakland A's version is only through 1991, and includes: 1B Mark McGwire, 2B Dick Green, 3B Sal Bando, SS Bert Campaneris, OF Rickey Henderson, Jose Canseco, Reggie Jackson, C Gene Tenace, and P Catfish Hunter. Good selections, as are the honorable mentions: Joe Rudi, Dennis Eckersley, and Dave Stewart.

  • 1995 Baseball Ratings by Charles S. Faber

For hitting lineups, Faber applies his system to the Philadelphia, KC, and Oakland eras of this franchise separately. For the first, it produces a reasonable lineup of 1B Foxx, 2B Collins, 3B Baker, SS Joost, C Cochrane, OF Simmons, Johnson, and Strunk. I'm not going to comment on the Kansas City version, but here it is: 1B Norm Siebern, 2B Jerry Lumpe, 3B Ed Charles, SS Wayne Causey, C Hal Smith, OF Bob Cerv, Bill Tuttle, Roger Maris. And for the Oakland batch, we get a solid lineup of 1B McGwire, 2B Phillips, 3B Bando, SS Campaneris, C Steinbach, OF Henderson, Jackson, and Rudi.

For the pitchers, he combines them together and reports a solid top five of Plank, Grove, Bender, Hunter, and Rommel. And Eck is given as the top reliever.

  • 2003 Rob Neyer's Big Book of Baseball Lineups by Rob Neyer

Neyer first discusses an all-time roster that is limited to just the Oakland A's (through the 2002 season). But he later gives his selections for an all-time starting lineup for the complete Athletics franchise, so I'll discuss that first. His infield is Cochrane, Foxx, Collins, Joost, and Baker. For SS he writes "Tough choice between Joost and Campaneris, but Joost's excellence trumps Campy's longevity." And as for preferring Baker at 3B, he writes "Good fielder, great hitter, and AL's best third baseman until George Brett and Wade Boggs; famous, of course, for homering in consecutive Series games in 1911." He rightly lists Henderson in LF and Jackson in RF. But then for CF he goes with Dwayne Murphy, apparently discounting Simmons because he split time between LF and CF, as he rights: "A's have never had a great center fielder, but they've enjoyed a number of very good ones, including Dave Henderson, Billy North, Sam


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