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Ababil-100 Aflatoxin Al Abbas

Solid-propellant short-range (c. 150 km) Iraqi ballistic missile A fungal toxin used as a BW agent

900-km-range Iraqi development of the Scud B (see below) missile; not taken beyond the development stage

Al Hussein

650-km-range Iraqi development of the Scud B (see below) missile; several hundreds were fired during the Iran/Iraq war and the first Gulf war

Al Qaida

Literally translated, it means ‘The Base’. Founded by Usama bin Laden, it is now a loose network of Islamist extremist groups

Al Samoud

Iraqi development of Soviet SA2 surface-to-air missile as a short-range surface-to-surface missile (150 km range, but Al Samoud 2 was being developed to attain significantly longer range)

Ansar al Islam

Literally, Supporters of Islam: an Islamist extremist group based in northern Iraq

Anthrax BCW Botulinum toxin BTWC BW CB CBR CBRN CBW Centrifuge

A disease caused by the bacterium Bacillus Anthracis: used as a BW agent See CBW A toxin used as a BW agent Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention Biological Weapons (or Biological Warfare) Chemical and Biological Chemical, Biological and Radiological Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Chemical and Biological Weapons (sometimes “BCW”)

A piece of equipment containing a rotating device used to separate solid or liquid particles of different densities by spinning them at high speed in a tube.


1. We use the following terms in this report:

Chemical/BiologicalAgent The non-explosive fill for chemical/biological munitions.


Munitions Weapons

Projectiles, bombs, warheads or dispensing systems. Munitions and their delivery systems.




Having a WMD capability means that chemical, biological and/or nuclear munitions could be produced if required. It does not mean that they have been produced.

Means that people and resources are being allocated under a management

structure for either the research and development of a WMD capability or the production of munitions. It does not necessarily mean that WMD munitions have been produced, as only when the capability has been developed can weapons be produced.

Means that a country has the technical knowledge, the production facilities and the necessary raw materials to:

a) produce chemical and/or biological agents and weaponise them; and/or b) produce a nuclear device and weaponise it.

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