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. . . the UN inspection regime discovered that Iraq was trying to acquire mobile

biological weapons facilities,which of course are easier to conceal. intelligence confirms that it has now got such facilities.

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The United States National Intelligence Estimate issued in October 2002 drew similar conclusions about Iraqi ownership of mobile biological agent production facilities, as did Secretary of State Powell in his presentation to the United Nations Security Council on 5 February 2003. It subsequently emerged that the intelligence from one of the US sources, a defector associated with the Iraqi National Congress, had already been retracted by the time the National Intelligence Estimate was issued. This source was not, however, relied on by the UK.

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    Separately, Iraq made two declarations to UNMOVIC of a number of mobile facilities, none of which was judged by UNMOVIC to be related to the production of biological agent.

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    Although there was evidence of increased activity at facilities formerly associated with Iraq’s biological warfare programme, there was no reliable intelligence during this period of an Iraqi biological agent production capability other than the mobile facilities. All JIC assessments about the actual production of biological warfare agents were based on intelligence about the mobile facilities.



No evidence has been found to support the existence of the mobile facilities described by the liaison source. Some of the sites identified in the source’s intelligence as being connected with the mobile facilities have been investigated. In May 2003, UNMOVIC’s Thirteenth Quarterly Report to the UN Security Council contained the following paragraph on “Information provided by supporting Governments on mobile facilities”:

UNMOVIC inspected a number of sites throughout Iraq based on intelligence information made available to it. In addition,other sites were inspected as a result

of follow-up actions.

Site inspections were aimed to investigate in detail the

infrastructural signature necessary for the alleged function of such sites,eg,the presence of suitable support services for chemical and biological weapons mobile production facilities during production runs. Inspection results and analysis of detailed forensic sampling of the facilities did not reveal evidence of any past involvement of those sites in proscribed chemical and biological weapons mobile production activities.

[UNMOVIC Quarterly Report to the Security Council, 30 May 2003]


UNMOVIC also noted that:

No evidence of proscribed activities was observed during random checks of transport trucks.

[UNMOVIC Quarterly Report to the Security Council, 30 May 2003]


We were told that the ISG visited nearly all sites in the Baghdad area said to be associated

with a mobile biological agent





production programme, as addition, they conducted

well as all existing reported hide debriefings of the majority of


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