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Destruction began on 1 March, but Iraq has threatened that it may stop the destruction process at any time. As of 14 March, Iraq had destroyed:

  • -

    65 missiles (Iraq has declared production of 76 missiles, but UNMOVIC estimate there

are around 120 missiles)

  • -

    42 warheads (out of 118)

  • -

    5 engines (out of an estimated 380)

  • -

    2 missile launchers (out of 9)

"Decides further that Iraq shall not take or threaten hostile acts directed against any representative or personnel of the United Nations" (OP8)

Partially met. Inspections have largely been incident-free. However, UNMOVIC has noted some "friction" during inspections, and occasional harassment. On several occasions inspectors have been met with demonstrations. Dr Blix, 27 January. "Demonstrations and outbursts of this kind are unlikely to occur in Iraq without initiative or encouragement from the authorities."

On several occasions Iraqi authorities have claimed that inspectors were spying.

"Demands further that Iraq cooperate immediately. unconditionally, and actively with UNMOVIC and the IAEA" (OP9).

Not met. The questions outstanding since UNSCOM was forced to withdraw in 1998 have still not been answered. Nor have those issues raised by the Amorim panel, a group of international experts convened under UN auspices to identify outstanding Iraqi disarmament issues. Although Iraq has provided some documents, it is not answering any substantive questions.

On 6 March, UNMOVIC released a paper on Unresolved Disarmament Issues - Iraq's Proscribed Weapons Programmes. The paper is a 173 page-long catalogue of Iraqi intransigence since 1991, detailing

  • -

    Some 29 occasions when Iraq failed, despite repeated requests, to provide credible evidence to substantiate claims

  • -

    Some 17 separate instances when UNSCOM/UNMOVIC uncovered information that directly contradicted the official Iraqi account

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