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2.3 User Characteristics

   2.3.1 The primary user will be a healthcare professional like a physician, a nurse, or an emergency medical technician.

             Note. This is a Medical Information System therefore to limit access and ensure integrity of the data only licensed medical personnel have access to input, search, and update functions.

    2.3.2 Nurse Administrators, Physician Office Administrators, System Administrators and/or Therapists will have limited access and information capabilities.

           Note: For the reasons clearly stated in 2.3.1 the System Administrator (or Vendor) will only be able to access data with his Admin access code in combination with the Physician’s code while in the physician’s presence.

2.4 Constraints to Project Development and Implementation

2.4.1 The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) has mandated various standards on security, privacy, transaction and code sets, and unique healthcare identifiers to which this system must adhere.

2.4.2 Legacy systems in place must be considered and modified to interface with the new system design.

2.4.3 The timebox which encapsulates the SDLC may limit some functionality of the system.

2.4.4 Both the hospital and physician database will need large storage capabilities and a process to archive outdated data.

         (Note. Method and size of Database storage TBD)  

2.4.5 Paper flat file medical records will need to be produced and stored to ensure ability to handle non-digitized medical professionals.

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