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4.1.6 The software must retrieve, update, and store data from multiple input locations including but not limited to hospital workstations, physician workstations, inbound emergency vehicles, and the electronic monitoring equipment.

4.1.7 The software must allow patient to view their own medical record online allowing changes only to address, Insurance # and phone number.

4.1.8 The software must only allow deletions by the vendor and only after archiving data. Reference 2.4.4

4.1.9 The software to be developed must display the correct patient name.

4.1.10 The software to be developed shall display the correct time of day in compliance with ISO 8601.  Refer to 1.3.18

4.1.11 The software to be developed must operate twenty-four hours a day.

4.1.12 The software must allow full and complete record search queries by physicians; also allow access to limited bloodwork, medication, and allergen information by EMT personnel and display results in order specified by operator.

4.1.13 The software must allow input of diagnostic imagery and FAT32 compression for storage and transmission of data.

4.1.14 The software must enable out put of real-time data and imagery from electronic diagnostic equipment through java applets which run in the web browser.

Note: Nurses at workstation or doctors at desktop can access this data.

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