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4.1.15The software must retrieve and sort medical record information and allow for screen and print output of said information.

Note. Print output will include name, DOB, and requested diagnostic information only.

4.1.16 The software must encrypt the data using Rijndael (AES) encryption algorithms from the database for transmission from point to point.

4.2 Non- Functional Requirements of Hospital Digital Record    System

4.2.1 The software interface must follow design conventions which allow for familiar location of drop down menus, help etc.

4.2.2 Input errors will be returned in red with appropriate message box.

4.2.3 More than three attempts at login and failure will produce a red flag to system administrator.

4.3 Hospital Digital Record System Performance Requirements

3.3.1 The Hospital software should be able to support up to 300 simultaneous users.

3.3.2The Hospital software should support an internet server, diagnostics inputs (see section 5.1), thirty two terminals and a SQL server database.

3.3.3 95% of the transactions shall be processed in less than one second.

3.3.4 Data should be secured and backed up every quarter hour.

3.3.5 Power supply should have a back up and a disaster recovery plan.

3.3.6 System should be operable 24 hours a day and accessible in real-time.

3.3.7 Secure Socket Layer 3.0 with 128 bit encryption will enable network security

4.4 Logical Database Requirements

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