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1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose

The software requirement specification document is specifically designed to delineate the boundaries of the Healthcare Information System design and functionality. Parties interested in this documentation would include but not be limited to the system owners, the system users, the project manager and the design team.

1.2 Scope of Document

This document will identify the pertinent software products we will develop including a Host DBMS, JAVA software supported and web-based Patient, Physician, and Ambulatory Input/Outputs, and sensor driven inputs for real-time patient monitoring. The SRS will show that we will be utilizing SQL server and ASP for interfacing with the Input/Outputs as well as Java applets for the real-time acquisition of health data from remote sources. Finally, utilizing the security attributes of XML, XSL, and a secure socket layer in the protocol stack we hope to address the valid security concerns about the networking and transmission of confidential health care information.

In addition to the specific design components of this software, this document will make clear the design team’s goals of creating value-added software which not only correctly captures patient health information, but then efficiently stores it, sorts it, retrieves it, and delivers this critical care information where it is needed by healthcare professionals. The benefit of having accurate, complete, and timely health information is that it will inevitably save human lives.

This software is deliberately focused on medical records and the associated diagnostics. It is important to point out that this system which is life critical will not have cross functionality regarding appointment

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