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1.3.17 Vendor. A licensed and authorized agent of the development team or their vested remaindermen.

1.3.18 ISO 8601. A standard format for representing date and time recommended by the International  Organization for Standardization

1.3.19 Initial patient information. Information normally gathered during a patient’s first arrival in a healthcare provider’s office or in an emergency room. This includes but not limited to name, address, Social Security Number and any health insurance numbers.

1.3.20 (fps) – Frames per second

1.3.21 (CISDC) – Computer Information Society Design Competition

1.4 References

                [1] Mack, Francis E. MD, Personal Interview February 1, 2003

                 [2]Sundaram, Senthilnathan, Requirements Analysis of Software Requirements for Telemedicine and the HealthCare Industry, Master Thesis, UCF,

Orlando, Florida, July 19, 2002

1.5 Overview of document

The Software Requirement Specification will define and illustrate the overall project and its requirements- both functional and non-functional.  In addition the SRS will define the users and their respective characteristics as well as any constraints to development that the team has identified.

The format of the SRS document will address the overall project first- including functions and objectives in an overview. This section will also address how this software interfaces with other legacy systems and/or diagnostic equipment connected to it. Then the subsequent sections will specifically addresses the components of the larger software system. These sections delineate specifications for every facet of the components design.

2. Description of Project

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