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2.1 Project Overview

Medical records are the keystone to the healthcare profession; however these records are not utilized to their fullest potential. Often records are inaccurate, misplaced, and /or duplicated unnecessarily. In a world which recognizes the improvement of data digitization and networking as a constructive force which often increases efficiency while lowering costs; it is our view that medical records networking could only benefit the quality of healthcare offered in the United States.

An information system which is primarily linked between a physician’s office and his hospital would be able to capture and store data from either location giving access to diagnostics from satellite locations. Added functionality could include ability to gather data in real time from a remote monitor or an inbound Emergency transport vehicle. [2]

This information system is an industry-compliant application, based upon an open architecture (Microsoft NT/SQL relational database), and is designed to function within a standard IEEE compliant Ethernet (10 or 100) Local or Wide Area  Network environment, and will also include Wireless capabilities. The communications protocol is TCP/IP, and is supported under any routing protocol within an infrastructure (routed or bridged).

The software is based upon standard and emerging web technologies, requiring a workstation to only be capable of running an Internet Browser such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Within the browser Java applets will parse and display real-time data in the form of streaming MPEG 4 video, still images in JPEG or Tiff format, and a java bean real-time graph plotter from diagnostic equipment anywhere within the network.

As a Distributed Systems Provider (DSP) the system offers all the advantages of an Application Service Provider (ASP), but overcomes security and proximity issues by allowing hospitals to keep the primary system at their facility.

2.2 Project Functions

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