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       2.2.1 The software code should be portable between different operating systems such as Linux and Windows.  

       2.2.2 The software should be easy to use and should require minimum manual operation.

2.2.3 The software should have a user-familiar interface so that the system would not pose an additional workload to the users.

Note. Interface design would follow generally accepted model conventions for placement of dropdown menus and toolbars.

2.2.4 The software should allow bidirectional synchronous communication between the user and the data source in real time.

2.2.5 The software should provide security of operation and confidentiality of information (restricting access to non-privileged users), by FAT32 compression of data and Rijndael (AES) encryption algorithms.

2.2.6 The software should allow collection of vital signs and still images of the patient for visual inspection by experts.

        2.2.7 The software should have tools for computer assisted diagnosis like an electronic stethoscope, a blood oxygen sensor, EKG, and a digital sphygmomanometer.

        2.2.8 The software should be able to avoid congestion while transmitting high volumes of data and images in real-time.

        2.2.9 The software should sample video images from diagnostic equipment automatically at 30fps or rates compatible with the transmission capacity available.

       2.2.10 The software should be able to interface and link all components of system refer to Figure 2.2.1

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