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Cultural Diversity

Social class is a large influence on cultural diversity. In fact, it is common to hear the word 'culture' in another context then what has already been mentioned. Culture refers to an elite refinement of sophisticated art forms; these are people of the world. We think better of the opera than a rock concert, the ballet is better then swing, and Yeats is better than Danielle Steel is. Because of this separation that made in everyday life, so do sociologist. High culture is the term refers to the cultural patterns of a society's elite. In America, this would be those that make $1 million a year. Popular culture, on the other hand, it the cultural patterns that is shared among the mass population.

Subculture is the cultural patterns of small groups within the society's population. The best illustration of this can be seen in the high schools. Each click that is formed is a subculture. The preps, the jocks, the Goths, and the brains each have their own interests, behaviors, and styles (their own culture).

A difficult problem that is facing Canada today is the challenge of multiculturalism. Most Canadians promote the idea of equality, and this idea has filtered through to our current topic, culture. Multiculturalism refers to the idea that all cultures are equal, and is promoted in the educational programs. Why this is a problem is because in the past, we have always prescribed to the idea of Eurocentrism, or that the European culture is better than all the others cultures.

Another part of cultural diversity is an individual's, or group's, freedom to reject the established culture in which they live. Since sociologist like to label everything, they called this occurrence a counterculture.

Key Terms

Counterculture-an occurrence when subcultures reject the important values and norms of the dominant culture of the society in which they live.

Culture-is the beliefs, art, morals, laws, and customs of a group of people.

Culture Shock-coined in the 1960's, it is an occupational disease suffered by those who become suddenly immersed into a culture completely different from their own.

Language-is the verbal and nonverbal communication practiced by humans.

Mores-are moral rules of behavior.

Norms-what a society deems as desirable and appropriate.

Society-a group of peoples that share the same culture.

Symbol-any act or thing that represent another meaning.

Values-standards and guidelines a society sets for goodness.

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