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internet access services. After its inspec­tion, the Competition Board decided that the group had abused its dominant posi­tion in the wholesale market for broadband internet access services through price compression in the retail market for broad­band internet access services and imposed monetary fines.

The decisions of the Competition Board generally follow the precedents of the Euro­pean Commission and case law of the Eu­ropean courts. The Competition Board also tends to adopt narrow market definitions. This approach generally results in the high market shares for undertakings concerned and so makes finding a dominant position in these product markets easy. Under Eu­ropean Competition Law, undertakings with a 50% market share are legally presumed to be in a dominant position. However, a company with a 33% market share may still be found dominant.

In addition, abusive practices are not exhaustive under Turkish competition law practice. There might be circumstances where the abusive practices of the under­takings are not clearly explained under the Law. What constitutes an abusive practice and what does not is determined on a case-by-case basis.

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