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Sampling Tree Swallow Eggs and Nestlings TVA-KIF-SOP-28

March 2010


2 meters from any structure (tree branch) that a predator could jump from onto the box. Nest boxes are installed in early April. The latitude and longitude of each nest box is documented during or immediately following the sampling event using a hand-held GPS unit. Mounting poles are equipped with predator guards.

Nest boxes are surveyed for occupancy over the course of the breeding season, including after installation, and then at appropriate intervals depending on activity in the nest box. During surveys, boxes are evaluated for presence/absence of adults, nesting material, egg clutch size, nestlings, and egg/nestling survival rates.

Pre-Sampling Preparation

The Project Manager is responsible for overall implementation of this SOP and ensuring that the SOP complies with current regulations and standards since these are subject to change. The Project Manager is also responsible for the following activities.

  • a.

    Coordinate with the appropriate regulatory agencies to ensure that documentation and/or permits are obtained.

  • b.

    Provide the Field Team Leader with sample localities and times.

  • c.

    Coordinate with Field Team Leader to ensure that appropriate field equipment and safety gear are available.

  • d.

    Review the site-specific Quality Assurance Program Plan (TVA-KIF-QAPP), Site-Wide Safety and Health Plan (SWSHP), and appropriate SOPs with the TVA Project Manager to determine appropriate field protocols.

  • e.

    Develop contracts and interact with subject matter experts to review sampling protocols and results, ensure scientific rigor, and establish contaminant thresholds as necessary.

  • f.

    Verify methods to be used to transport materials and identify appropriate laboratories to perform analyses.

  • g.

    Identify appropriate laboratory space to store samples.

  • h.

    Obtain legal right-of-entry to private properties prior to sampling.

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