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Sampling Tree Swallow Eggs and Nestlings TVA-KIF-SOP-28

March 2010

  • d.

    At one nest containing three or more eggs, collect a second egg for duplicate analysis.

  • e.

    Place each egg in a small, pre-labeled resealable plastic bag. Verify that label on each bag includes the specimen ID number, date, and collector initials.

  • f.

    Place the bags in a plastic container (such as Tupperware® or equivalent) lined with bubble wrap and seal the lid on the container.

  • g.

    When egg collection is completed, remove each egg from the container being careful not to remove the egg from the resealable plastic bag (to avoid cross- contamination), rewrap the egg to help ensure that the egg will not break during transport, and place back in container.

  • h.

    Label the containers on the outside with the following information: unique specimen ID number, river mile, time, date, and collector.

  • i.

    Store containers in a cooler with wet ice.

  • j.

    Take a GPS point at each sampling location during or following the sampling event.


Upon completion of the sampling event, transport specimens to the appropriate processing laboratory at Kingston or TVA’s Walnut Orchard Facility (Norris, Tennessee). At the laboratory, place the samples in a “Samples Only” refrigerator (with temperature maintained at < 6ºC and above freezing) for holding until samples can be processed.


Record information on the Tree Swallow Egg Field Specimen Collection/ Processing form provided in Table 3 (form also available on the TVA Kingston SharePoint drive at http://sharepoint.tva.gov/sites/oer/KingstonEvent/KRP/ default.aspx under Environmental/Forms and Templates).



For egg sample processing, proceed to Section 3.5.1.

    • 3.4

      Sampling Method for Tree Swallow Nestlings As eggs are sampled, nest boxes are monitored to determine the first hatch date (about 14 days after egg is laid) and when all nestlings are hatched; as evident by two consecutive days with no additional hatchlings. Nestling sampling is initiated by the sampling personnel by following the procedures listed below.

      • a.

        Record first observed hatch event (hatch date) and total number of hatchlings

(hatch success) on Tree Swallow Nest Box Monitoring form provided in Table 2.

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