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Events trigger guide in Princess Maker 4

(Where to be and when!)

1440 yr

Decorum Class

Anytime, Castle Unlocks the Decorum class

First Harvest Festival

1440 yr 9 mth You bring your daugter to the Harvest festival and choose between three events to view: (if you choose dance or art you will still be going to the fighting contest)

  • Fighting Contest: No effect

  • Dance Competition: +5 Refinement

  • Art Exhibition: +5 Sensitivity

Viewing the Fighting Contest

1440 yr 9 mth Your daughter asks hopefuly after assisting at the finghting contest will she be that strong one day?

  • You will: +10 Martial Prowess, +5 Pride, -5 Refinement, -5 Sensitivity

  • It's better for you to behave like a girl: -10 Martial Prowess, +5 Refinement, +5


  • Don't reply: -5 Pride, +5 Temperament

Close Friends

1440 yr 10 mth ~ 12 mth, automatically Depending on Patricia's stats, the girls will appear in a certain order. Martial Prowess/Magical Aptitude>Refinement/Sensitivity: Rize Refinement>Martial Prowess/Magical Aptitude/Sensitivity: Christina Sensitivity>Martial Prowess/Magical Aptitude/Refinement: Marie These formulas are also the defining factor of who Patricia's best friend is.

To be a REAL woman

Anytime, Tailor ---> City Square ---> Street Prerequisites: Christina has appeared

To Unlock the Ballet Classes… Go to the Dress shop where you will meet Christina. She is there to buy dresses for the dance lessons and dance party. Daughter doesn't know about dance lessons so she will be directed to find the dance teacher. Daughter will automatically go to the Busy Street where she will hear that the beautiful dance teacher is in the City Square, anyway, she's not there so you will have to go to the Street to find her!

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