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First Christmas 1440 yr 12 mth, automatically

  • Praise her: +5 Trust with Father

  • Insult her: -5 Trust with Father

  • Be a Mute: No changes

1441 yr

Job at the Restaurant

1441 yr 4 mth ~ infinity, Busy Street Prerequisites: Babysitting > 4 times Unlocks the job at the Inn.

Maid to Order

1441 yr 4 mth ~ infinity, City Square Prerequisites: Decorum Classes > 4 times Unlocks the Maid job.

Christmas Present

1441 yr 12 mth, automatically If you gave her pocket money before, a CG will be unlocked. Daughter surprises you with a christmas present and asks you to open it. Then she wants to know if you liked it. Choices have no impact on the game at this point.

  • I liked it

  • I didn't like it

  • Do not buy expensive items

1442 yr


1442 yr 2 mth, automatically Save her: +5 Trust with Father Don't intervene yet: +5 Pride

I Want To Marry Papa!

1442 yr 2 mth ~ 3 mth, Rest Prerequisites: Trust with Father > 29 She talks you about what are her friend dreams. About Christina wanting to marry a prince and become princess, Rize becoming a knight like her father and Marie becomming an Artist. Then she asks if her father wants to know what her dream is?

  • Yes, I want to know it

  • We'll talk another time

This will NOT trigger the Dad Marriage Ending. It's merely an indicator of how much she likes you.

Boys will be boys... Bad boys like to flip girls' dresses.

1442 yr 3 mth, City Square So the girls are tired after walking the streets and take a rest in the city square but some bad boys like to make pranks and flip Christina and Marie dress. The two of them burts in tears while the boys insult Rize and daughter. Rize runs after them and Daughter complains to you about the event, are you going to tell her to fight back?

  • That's unforgivable: +5 Trust with Father

  • Why don't you go beat em up?: +5 Martial Prowess

  • Forgive them: +5 Temperament

The Portrait

1442 yr 4 mth "Who is the beautiful lady in the painting, Papa?" Tell her that it's an old acquaintance: +5 Temperament Tekll her to ask Cube: +5 Sensitivity Remain Silent: -10 Trust with Father

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