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National Day with Best Friend

1444 yr 1 mth, go to the National Day celebrations If her best friend is Rize, +10 Martial Prowess If her best friend is Christina, +10 Refinement If her best friend is Marie, +10 Magical Aptitude

Pick a Side!

1444 mth 2 yr, Rest Rize and Christina always seem to have different opinions... Go fishing: +5 Stamina, +10 Trust with Rize, -10 Trust with Christina Go to the tea party: +5 Refinement, -10 Trust with Rize, +10 Trust with Christina Let's do something else: +5 Temperament, but you STILL have to choose between one of them


1444 yr 4 mth ~ Infinity, City Square Prerequisites: Decorum Class > 4 times Unlocks the Tutor job.

Maid Cafe

1444 yr 4 mth ~ Infinity, City Square Prerequisites: Charm + Refinement > 149 Unlocks the Cosplay Cafe job.

Going Pro

1444 yr 4 mth ~ Infinity Prerequisites: Going for a class that Patricia has graduated from. You'll know Patricia has graduated when the class teacher talks to Patricia after completing a 3rd grade. After the class concludes, Patricia will be allowed to attend the class as the teacher's assistant. The pay is sort of low, at 10G a day but it's still a real good stat booster. Note that you can only become a professional in one class!! «Legendary Brush» - pro in Art. «Glass Pumps» - pro in Dance.

Prince Charming

1444 yr 4 mth Who is this mysterious blonde boy that wants to talk to your Daughter?

Teach me, Marie-sensei! 1444 yr 10 mth ~ 1445 yr 3 mth, Street Introducing Lee!

1444 yr 10 mth ~ 1445 yr 3 mth, City Square/ Street/ Busy Street/ Market A boy (In strange clothing? XD) is asking your Daughter out for a cup of tea. Is she going to reject him? Or is she going to go with him and make friends at the same time? OK: -5 Integrity, +10 Charm, +5 Trust with Lee Decline: +5 Integrity, +5 Pride, Lee will never appear again!

Christmas in the Castle

1444 yr 12 mth I hope so: +10 Integrity, -10 Temperament Nopes: +10 Stamina, -5 Integrity It's up to her: +5 Trust with Father

1445 yr

Sleazy Bar

1445 yr 4 mth ~ Infinity, Dark Alley Prerequisites: Charm > 149 Unlocks the Sleazy Barmaid job

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