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1445 yr 4 mth ~ Infinity, Dark Alley Prerequisites: Charm + Refinement > 149 Unlocks the Casino job

Legendary Brush

1445 yr 4 mth ~ Infinity, Busy Street Prerequisites: Professional Level in Art Classes, Sensitivity > 499, Participated in the Art Exhibition before Acquire the Legendary Brush. This does not increase any stats, it simply increases your chance of winning the Art Exhibition.

Glass Pumps

1445 yr 4 mth ~ Infinity Prerequisites: Graduated from Ballet Class, Charm > 499, Participated in the Dance Competition before Acquire Glass Pumps. This does not increase any stats. It simply increases yopur chances of winning the Dance Competition.


1445 yr 4 mth ~ 1446 yr 3 mth, Market Prerequisites: Merchant > 6 times Chris notices Daughter and makes a comment about her always visiting the market and being interested in buisness. Daughter agrees and Chriss tells her that the market is a place for doing small buisness and he can show her what true buisness is.

Meeting with Balrog

1445 yr 5 mth ~ 1446 yr 3 mth, Dark Alley Your Daughter has been to the Dark Alley many times... Just when she is thinking of going home, she accidentally bumps into somebody: A tall dark figure who actually knows Daughter's name, and he even comments on how similar Daughter looks with someone else... Who is he anyways? And how does he know her name?!

Demonic Shop

Anytime, Demonic Shop Prerequisites: Visited the Demonic Shop before, Acquired the Cat's Eye(Buy from the Travelling Merchant).

Hostile Takeover

1445 yr 10 mth, Market Prerequisites: "Christ" has occured

Merchant Ship «A»

1445 yr 11 mth, Street Prerequisites: "Hostile Takeover" has occured Daughter is looking at Chris's enormous ship. And he then tells her that she has the gift of becoming a great businesswoman.

Merchant Ship «B»

1445 yr 11 mth, Street Prerequisites: "Hostile Takeover" has occured, Sinfulness < 50, has entered Demon Territory before The event «B» is the one with Christ talking to the Minister. *This event is required for the "True Heroine" ending, the ultimate(and most difficult) ending in Princess Maker 4* You can only trigger one of them in any 1 playthrough

1446 yr Conspiracy Theory

1446 yr 4 mth ~ infinity, Market Prerequisites: "Merchant Ship B has occured" I believe he's a good man: No changes Maybe he's rotten: Allows the event "Shadowing the Minister"

Sword of the Gods

1446 yr 4 mth ~ infinity Prerequisites: Graduate from Combat Class, Trust with Father > 199, Martial Prowess > 499

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