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Acquire the [Sword of the Gods] Legendary Whip

1446 yr 4 mths ~ infinity Prerequisites: Charm + Refinement > 499, Fame > 199 Acquire the [Legendary Whip]

Demon God's Axe

1446 yr 4 mth ~ infinity, Demonic Bar Prerequisites: Demon Blood > 89 Acquire the [Demon God's Axe]

Treasure Hunt

1446 yr 4 mth ~ infinity Prerequisites: You should have been to every single place at least once before you attend to this event! This chain of events can be triggered continously in a single month if your sin is > 49 when the travelling merchant visits you.

  • 1.

    The route to the 'Demon World' should be open.

  • 2.

    Go to the shop in the Demon World, and your daughter will ask Cat about Daratan.

The Cat will tell her to go to the bar in the Demon World. 3. The owner of the bar in Demon World thinks that Daratan stole something of your daughter's and gets mad. He draws a map. 4. You still won't be able to see his house, so the next time you go to the bar in the Demon World again, you will be said "you need something that makes your eyes see better". 5. Go back to the kingdom and go to the hospital. Your daughter asks the doctor if there is an item to make her eyes see better. He says he actully is good at those things and calls someone. That someone is "Marie" and you finally get glasses. Now you can go to the Demon World again. 6. Now you can see an 'Ork's house'. If you go in, you can see alot of gold and silver, and you can see your daughter happy-faced. (She really looks happy!) "Is anyone there? No one would know if I take some...?" Is what your daughter says.

More Loot Than You Can Carry!

1446 yr 4 mth, Travelling Merchant's Hide Out +50 Sinfulness, Take for free ANY item you have not already bought from the Travelling Merchant. Yes, even that 4000G dress. Grab and sell it even if you don't want it. You can get rid of 50 Sinfulness easily by donating 500G at the Church. Isn't God forgiving? This event can trigger only once every month.

Demon Scum!

1446 yr 6 mth, Market Prerequisites: Demon Blood > 59, met the demon general in the demon castle Daughter hears a strange commotion at the market and hurries to see with the crowd. The soldiers are beating up some demons that murdered their friends. The demon general defends them and daughter tries to intervene horrified to see such cruelty. The soldiers however reminds her that even if she is the daughter of the famous warrior that sympathy for demons isn't popular...

Adventure at Dark Alley

1446 yr 6 mth, Busy Street Christina wants to take a stroll down the dark alley and the girls accompany her. However in the dark alley some villains try to molest Christina and Marie. Rize and Dughter are the only ones who can fight back this guys...

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

1446 yr 6 mth ~ 8 mth, Rest Prerequisites: Trust with girlfriends > 79 Christina invites Daughter and the other girls to her beach house. Go Ahead: +1 Trust with Christina No: No changes

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