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Harvest Festival Idol

1446 yr 9 mth Prerequisites: Stamina > 149, Charm > 399, Sensitivity > 149, Fame > 199, Pride > 299, Ballet Class tertiary level This event conflicts with "Harvest Festival with Rize". If you want to trigger "Harvest Festival with Rize", do not meet the requirements for this as "Harvest Festival Idol" has priority. I'm glad: +20 Fame Not at all: +20 Pride, -20 Sensitivity I wish Isabelle could see this: +10 Fame, -10 Demon Blood

Harvest Festival with Rize

1446 yr 9 mth Prerequisites: Trust with Rize > 39, Charm > 399, (Weight x 100000)/(height x height) , 250, Visited the Tailor before +10 Trust with Rize Teresa ask Daugheter to wear a model at the festival show with Rize. The two of them get on the show but Rize is embarassed... she thinks the model she is wearing is not suited for her. Daughter cheers her up while the crowd compliments them and mistakingly take the two of them for a pair.

1447 yr Necklace of the Holy Maiden

1447 yr 4 mth ~ 1448 yr 3 mth Prerequisites: Demon Blood > 149, Trust with Father > 299 Acquire [Necklace of the Holy Maiden]. This item completely suppresses Demon Blood. To recover Demon Blood gained, simply sell it in the Item Shop.

Shadowing the Minister

1447 yr 4 mth ~ 1448 yr 3 mth, Palace Prerequisites: Talk to the Minister in the Palace, Choose 'Maybe he's rotten" in the event "Conspiracy Theory" Follow him: Event continues, *fulfilling one of the prerequisites of the ending, "True Heroine"* Go home: Event Ends

Searching for Mother's Song

1447 yr 4 mth ~ 6 mth, when leaving the Demon Map *A chain of events that is required for the "True Heroine" ending*. The time frame and requirements are VERY specific, so pay attention. Once again, events can be advanced one after another in the same month, save the last Scene.

Scene 1, Mesmerising Song: 1447 yr 4 mth ~ 6 mth, when leaving the Demon Map Prerequisites: Choose OK in the event "Introducing Lee!", "Meeting with Baroa" and " Questioning the Demon King" has occured, try to have Knowledge and senitivity > 500. Schedule a visit to Demon Territory in the first week of any of this three months and you will hear a beautiful voice singing a familiar song. Scene 2, Doesn't Anyone Know?: The same month Scene 1 occurs ~ 2 mths later, Demonic City Square Meet Baroa who seems to know something but won't say a word. Scene 3, I've Heard it Too: Before 1448 yr 3mth, Busy Street Prerequisites: Scene 2 has occured, "Dragon's Lair" has occured, "Fortune Teller" has occured, talked to the Fortune Teller before Meet Lee who will eventually tell you to visit the fortune teller in the Busy street. Scene 4, Fortune Teller: The same month Scene 3 occurs ~ 3 months later, Busy Street The fortune teller will tell Daughter to go to the Demon World during the 1~10 of next month to meet whoever it is that she wishes to meet. (Remember not to go to the Fortuneteller during August, because there is the Harvest Festival in the beginning of September, which may effect the event.) Scene 5, There it is!: 1 mth after Scene 4, Demonic City Square Prerequisites: Scene 4 has occured, Schedule a visit to Demon Territory in the first week

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