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Reunion Prerequisites: Completed the "Searching for Mother's Song" chain of events Dailogue will defer depending on whether Patricia's Demon Blood is above or below 120. However, this will not have any impact on the game. *Required for the "True Heroine" ending*

Buying the Maid Cafe

1447 yr 4 mth ~ 1448 yr 3 mth, Busy Street Prerequisites: "Merchant Ship(either A or B)" has occured This is required for the ending "Billionaire's Wife" Chris has brought down the whole Maid Cafe. And why is there so much food on the table?! Is he...Proposing to your Daughter?!...

Last Christmas No impact on the game regardless of your choices

1448 yr National Day Ball

1448 yr 1 mth Prerequisites: Possess a Dress, Not overweight

Prince at the Ball

1448 yr 1 mth, go for the National Day celebrations Prerequisites: "Hello Again, Prince Charming!" has occured, Possess a Dress, Not overweight

Trust with Sharul < 49 Sharul will dance with Christina Trust with Sharul > 50 Sharul will dance with Patricia *Sharul MUST dance with Patricia for the "True Heroine" and "Royal Princess" endings*

If Sharul dances with Patricia, you will get to pick 3 choices at the end of the event. Really? That's Great!: +20 Fame I don't believe it...:+20 Pride Don't be too full of yourself: +20 Temperament

4 CGs can be unlocked here: 1 for Christina 1 if Patricia wears the simple Dress 1 if Patricia wears Silk Dress 1 more if Patricia wears Luxurious Dress, Dress From the Travelling Merchant, Dress of Dragons or Dress of the Demon Princess.


1448 yr 3 mth Prerequisites: Trust with Father > 149, Integrity < 350, Trust with Father > Trust with Cube Daughter doesn't want to part with Father... "Would you be happier if I get married, Father" Agree: *Prerequisite for the ending "Marriage with Father"* Disagree: No changes

Confession of Love

1448 yr 3 mth Prerequisite: Trust with Cube > 499, Prerequisites for "Farewell..." is not met Daughter asking Cube to tell you (Father) that they love each other, and are therefore, going to get married no matter what you say! *This event is required for the ending "Marriage with Cube"

GAME OVER ~ Proceed to Endings

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