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on behalf of the Board of directors and staff of the santa Barbara Musuem of natural history, we wish to recognize and thank those who contributed to the Musuem between January 1 and december 31, 2007.

President’s Circle ($5,000 +)

Alger Chaney Charitable Trust Allergan Foundation American Association of Petroleum

Geologists Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David H. Anderson,

Esq. Anonymous Adolphus Andrews, Jr. Dr. Ruth Appleby* Mr. Marc Appleton Mr. Victor K. Atkins, Jr. B. Paul Moser Charitable Trust Ms. Lisbeth R. Barron Dr. Isabel* H. Beck Frank Benevento Henry W. Bull Foundation Andrew H. Burnett Foundation California Artificial Reef

Enhancement Program (CARE) California Coastal Commission Ms. Carolyn Chandler and

Mr. Randal Leffingwell Dr. Henry W. Chaney

  • e Cheeryble Foundation

Mr. Daniel R. Conlin Dr. Anne G. Cotton and

Mr. John W. Cotton Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Culver Mr. and Mrs. William Daugherty Mr. Peter DeSorcy Mr. omas W. Dibblee*, Jr.

  • e Dreier Family

Ray DuBois Elizabeth Bixby Janeway

Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Greg Fowler Dr. Larry Friesen Miss Lucie C. Greer Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T.

Hammett Mr. and Mrs. Greg Harding-Brown High Tide Foundation Hollis Norris Fund

Hutton Foundation

  • e Ann Jackson Family

Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Palmer G. Jackson George Frederick Jewett

Foundation John & Beverly Stauffer

Foundation John G. Braun Charitable Annuity

Trust Ms. Kathleen Kalp Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kinnear III Mr. and Mrs. James Liu LLWW Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jon B. Lovelace Mr. and Mrs. John MacFarlane Marisla Foundation Bernie and Tim Marquez Mr. and Mrs. Angel R. Martinez Irene McCulloch Foundation Mericos Foundation Mr. Lawrence Reed Miller Mr. Glen H. Mitchel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Munger Museum League National Philanthropic Trust Mr. Scott Newhall Mr. and Mrs. Chapin Nolen Norman F. Sprague, Jr. Foundation Orfalea Fund Mr. Austin Peck, Jr.* Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Peteler Mr. and Mrs. John R. Powell Mr. Alexander M. Power Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree

  • e RORD Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Russell Santa Barbara Flag Project Santa Barbara Foundation Santa Ynez Band of Chumash

Indians Dr. and Mrs. Brooke E. Sawyer, Jr.

  • e Schlinger Family Foudation

Schlinger Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Arent H. Schuyler, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schwab Dr. Joan T. Seaver Kurze Seeley W. Mudd Foundation Mr. Jeffrey M. Siegal Dr. Mladen Solar, P.C. Dr. and Mrs. Howard B. Spey Tabasgo Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. omson

  • J.

    E. and Lillian Tipton Foundation

    • e Towbes Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Towbes Mr. and Mrs. Paul Valentich Scott Mr. and Mrs. David Welborn

  • e Wharton Foundation

Williams-Corbett Foundation

  • e Wood-Claeyssens Foundation

Mrs. Robert J. Woods, Jr.

Director’s Circle ($2,500 - $4,999)

American Endowment Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Scott Brittingham Caryll M. & Norman F. Sprague,

Jr. Foundation Dr. Eugene V. Coan

  • e Coeta and Donald Barker

Foundation Mr. and Mrs. omas Crawford, Jr. Roy E. Crummer Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Howard N. Gilmore Dr. Leonard Groopman, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Christian Heyer Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Hicks Dr. and Mrs. F. G. Hochberg Mr. and Mrs. William F. Horton Mr. and Mrs. Preston B. Hotchkis Mr. and Mrs. William R. Loomis, Jr. Professor and Mrs. George L.

Matthaei Mrs. Jan M. Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. William W.

Nicholson RK & BJ Straus Family

Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Sands Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Savage Mr. and Mrs. George B. Turpin Mr. William P. Urschel and Ms.

Anne McManus Mrs. Edward R. Valentine Mrs. Ruth I. Weber

Patrons ($1,000 - $2,499)

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Adams Dr. Mortimer Andron and Mrs.

Bernice Scott-Andron Ms. Bernadette Bagley Mr. and Mrs. Archie Bard Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Blair III Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bliss

Mrs. John C. Bowen Ms. Susan E. Bower Mrs. Judy Brown Mr. and Mrs. Monte T. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Bryant III Dr. and Mrs. Aaron Budgor Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burgess Mrs. Phila M. Caldwell Mr. Lee Carr Dr. and Mrs. Dorwin Cartwright Dr. James F. Case Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Casey Mrs. H. Ward Chennell Miss Carnzu A. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leonard

Cleek Mr. and Mrs. Lue D. Cramblit Mr. Tom Cusack and

Ms. Carrie Ohly-Cusack Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Dalzell Mr. John P. de Neufville Ms. Nan H. Deal Mr. and Mrs. Doug Deaver Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Doheny Mr. and Mrs. George W. Egan Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Eubanks Mr. Neal Fenzi Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Fish Mr. and Mrs. Doug Ford Roger Freedman Garden Club of Santa Barbara GE Fund Mrs. Marilyn Gevirtz Dr. Michael Glassow and

Dr. Anabel Ford Mr. Lindsey A. Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Joe Green Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gumins Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hahn Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Hamann

  • e Hamister Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin C.

Hammett Mr. Bertrand H. Hattenbach Mr. Benjamin Hitz, Jr. and

Ms. Eleanor Appel Golden Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hollister Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hundley Dr. and Mrs. Karl L. Hutterer Mr. and Mrs. Palmer G. Jackson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Jacobs Mr. Saul P. Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Josiah C. Jenkins Ms. Louisa Jane Judge

  • e Justin Farmer Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knight Ms. Joyce Knoble Mr. and Mrs. Arne Lunde Mr. and Mrs. Frank Magid Mr. Michael S. Magruder Mr. Ed Makin Dr. and Mrs. Charles Markham Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marschak Ms. Maureen M. Masson Mr. Paul Mershon, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Metsch Mrs. Helen M. Miller Mrs. Cynthia C. Mitchel Miss Gretchen Mitchell Money/Arenz Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Morrow Mrs. Raymond King Myerson Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Norris Linda Oakley

  • e Pacer Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. David Pettitt Dr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Power Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pritchett Mr. and Mrs. William Ramsay Mr. and Mrs. Dana Randt Mr. and Mrs. F. Brian Rapp Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Rice III Mrs. Marc A. Rieffel Dr. Elizabeth Rogers and

Mr. Richard Rogers Mr. and Mrs. James F. Rothenberg Santa Barbara Malacological

Society, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Schall Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schiffmacher Dr. Evert I. Schlinger Mrs. C. William Schlosser Timothy B. Schmit Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Shelburne Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Sloan Ms. Beverly Smaniotto Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Stinson Mr. and Mrs. Donn V. Tognazzini Turpin Family Charitable

Foundation Mrs. Janet Uribe Mrs. Jo Beth Van Gelderen Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Wallin Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas N. Weber Dr. and Mrs. Adrian M. Wenner Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Ziegler

Benefactors ($100-$999)

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Abatemarco Mr. and Mrs. Peter Abbey Mr. and Mrs. Ross D. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Peter Adams Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Adams Mr. Edwin Adlam Mr. Jeffrey D. Agnew Mrs. B. Orwin Ahlers Dr. and Mrs. Guenter Ahlers Mr. and Mrs. John Ahlman Mr. and Mrs. Ron Akin Ms. Alison Allan and Mr. Chuck

Blitz Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Allard Mr. and Mrs. Kent Allebrand Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Allen Mr. and Mrs. Corey C. Anderson Mrs. Judy Anitcouni Mr. and Mrs. Kurt R. Anker Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Arthur Ms. Laurie Ashton and Mr. Lynn

Sarko Dr. Tanya Atwater Mr. and Mrs. Michael Avakian Mr. and Ms. Bryan Babineau Mr. and Mrs. Milton Edward

Bacon Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bagdasarian Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bailard Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bailey Mr. Donald Baker and Ms. Bonnie

McLennan Mr. and Mrs. Jaime K. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Larry Barels Ms. Virginia H. Barker Mrs. Jack Barnard Steve and Peggy Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Barrymore Mr. and Mrs. Gregory

Bartholomew Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bartlett, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jarold M. Bartz Mrs. H. J. Bartz Ms. Diane Baskin and Ms. Sophie

Harris Ms. Janice Baxter Ms. Ruth M. Beach Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Beard Mr. and Mrs. J. William Beaver Mr. Jack C. Bechtel Mrs. Margaret W. Begin

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