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ALL DRIVERS are to sign in your NOMINATION, also the DUTY OF CARE and the RELEASE & INDEMNITY forms within 15 minutes prior to the drivers briefing at the SRA tent or the room being used by the SRA at the meeting. Failure to sign the required nomination and forms 15 minutes prior to the drivers briefing will result in rear of the field starts in you heats for the night.

All drivers are to




attend the compulsory drivers briefing held not attending the drivers briefing will not

at 5.00pm unless otherwise receive their 60 attendance

points for the SRA series round and will start rear of field for both heats. Drivers the drivers meeting in there driving suit, if you are not dressed in your driver’s lose 30 points.

must attend suit you will

Any competitor, who attends a race meeting with a sprintcar that is mechanically unable to compete at all, will not receive their nomination fee reimbursement bonus money or attendance points. Ability to compete will be evaluated by whether the racecar did start (meet the green flag) in any of the heats or finals races or at the decision of the chief steward.

3. Racing Rules The series competition will take place under the current SCCA Racing Rules, Regulations and Specifications as set out in the current rule book and the series supplementary regulations as allowed in section 3 of the rule book.

Any driver disqualified from an event will not receive any points or prize money for that event.

All competitors will be required to perform wheel packing of the track surface

until directed starting Rear of

infield Field for

by SRA officials.

Failure to comply will result in


of his/her heats.

(At the discretion of SRA series

that competitor organisers)

The SRA officials have the right to test engine sizes at any time whether previously sealed or not.


Series sponsors requirements

Contingency Sponsor: All drivers wishing to compete in the SRA 360 BRODIX Sprintcar Series events must display contingency sponsor’s decals if supplied by SRA race organisers. These decals must be placed on the left-hand side of the car in a visible position. Naming rights sponsor: All drivers must display the supplied decals on both sides of the car in a visible position. Support sponsors: All drivers must display the appropriate support sponsor decal, as supplied by SRA race organisers, on the left hand side of the car in a visible position on the night of their sponsored event.

    • 4.1

      Failure to display any sponsor decal appropriately will forfeit all prize money and points for the night.

    • 4.2

      Acceptance of any series point score money or contingency awards allows the Sponsor use of photographic material (taken at the sponsors expense) of the winner of his/her racecar in any form of printed media, stating that the competitor received the

award or prize monies. competitors consent.

The sponsor cannot claim product endorsement without the


Series racing format: Please see attachment


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