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IX) Connecting to a computer

You can upload your recorded video footage to a PC by connecting the ATC3K to your PC using the USB cable.

  • 1.

    Turn the ATC3K on.

  • 2.

    Connect the ATC3K to a PC via the USB cable.

  • 3.

    There are 2 modes available, File (F) and Cam (C). File allows you to check the files in the camera or SD card. Cam is the webcam function.

  • 4.

    “F” appears on the ATC3K LCD screen, which means ATC3K is connected to your PC and files are available for review.

  • 5.

    To choose to review Files in the Camera/SD card the user should press 'Confirm' Once selected the ATC3K drive appears in the [My Computer] folder. *If you are connecting the camera to a PC for the first time, the required driver is installed automatically so that the camera can be recognized by Windows Plug and Play. The 100ATC3K drive then appears on the [My Computer] folder.

  • 6.

    Open the '100ATC3K' folder in the [DCIM] folder to start selecting your desired video files. Copy the desired video to your PC.

    • Folder Composition:

Removable disk

  • Internal Memory

  • SD Memory Card



AVI_0001 AVI_0002 AVI_0003



X) Webcam installation

Warning: This hardware has not passed Windows Logo testing. Users may install the webcam feature but do so at their own risk. By installing the webcam feature users indemnify Oregon Scientific from any software, hardware or virus problems caused as a result of installation.

Attention: *Webcam Installation does not work with Vista 64 bit versions.

  • *

    With use on Windows 2000 users must install Netmeeting in order to use the

webcam feature. *With use on Windows XP users must install the AMC tool.

Webcam Installation on Windows Vista Note: Before installing the software please ensure the CD is in the CD drive.

1. With the USB cable inserted and camera on, select C on the LCD screen. A pop-up window will appear. Select “Locate and install driver software (recommended)”.


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