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7. Press the Menu button

to move the highlight cursor along the function keys.

8. Press the Confirm button

when the desired function key is highlighted.

9. To delete one file, select the Delete-One icon and confirm by pressing

the Confirm button


10. Whilst in either mode, to change to the other, the AV cable must be

disconnected and step 1 through to step 4 should be followed.

XIII) Troubleshooting

There's no display

  • -

    Are the batteries properly installed?

  • -

    Do the batteries need replacing?

After the ATC3K is connected to my PC, it cannot find the new drive in the, 'My Computer' folder

  • -

    Ensure each end of the ATC3K USB cable is properly and firmly


  • -

    Ensure your USB port is working properly. Try connecting another USB

device into the port. If the other device does not work, the USB port may have a malfunction. In this case, contact your system manufacturer or the manufacturer of your USB card.


I can't capture video footage

  • -

    Ensure there is enough space on the internal memory of ATC3K or the

SD card; the display will tell you how much time there is left for video recording.

  • -

    Ensure the SD card is not locked. The letters “Err” will be displayed if

the SD card is locked. The remaining time is not accurate

  • -

    The remaining time is an estimate.

  • -

    The remaining time depends not only on the time recorded, but on the

color density of the video footage. Under conditions with high contrast, such as outdoors, the actual time available will be less than under low-contrast conditions, such as indoors.

I can't play the video footage on my television

  • -

    Ensure each end of the AV cable is properly and firmly connected to

ATC3K and to your television.

  • -

    Ensure the ATC3K and television are both turned on.

  • -

    Ensure you have selected PB to view files.

Some captured video footage cannot be found when SD card is inserted

  • -

    The video footage may be stored on the internal memory. Connect the

ATC3K to your PC without an SD card, and it will show the files in the internal memory.


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