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Technical Services - NMEP is an industry leader in its ability to provide technical services to the food industry.  These services include:  test market research, safety and shelf life analysis, food engineering, packaging, food chemistry and biochemistry, microbiology and quality assurance, toxicology, biotechnology/bio-processing, nutrition and other analytical services, food labeling, food sanitation and HAACP training assistance and extrusion.

Workforce Development – The NMEP Center offers services such as statistical process control, just-in-time manufacturing, team building, problem solving, cultural transformation, coaching, as well as a broad range of technical services and assessments.

Partnerships and Program Integration:  The Nebraska MEP utilizes a broad range of partnerships which include:

The NICA Board (Nebraska Industrial Competitive Alliance)

The state’s economic development network

The public utility partnership

The Modernization Forum

The Nebraska MEP has four contractual partners:  The University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s Food Processing Center; Nebraska Department of Economic Development, The University at Omaha’s Nebraska Business Development Center; and Central Community College.

As the NMEP Center moves toward implementation of the 360vu Brand, our internal team will also identify services which will be integrated into the Center’s delivery strategy.  The Center’s CA and PBA staff will team to identify transformational services to be delivered and identify service gaps.

Metrics:  MEP Center performance is central to the Center’s strategic mission  to deliver comprehensive, excellent service.  The Nebraska MEP uses an online database system utilizing FileMaker Pro and Citrix software.  This system tracks events, contact reports and general information on firm visits.  

Standard information collected on firms include company name, address, city, state, phone number, employment number, NAICS Code, Legislative Region and economic development region.

Program Integration:  In addition to its involvement in the national MEP program and membership in the Modernization Forum, the Nebraska MEP has become involved in a six-state regional MEP dialogue.  This year the Nebraska MEP

NMEP Operating Plan – Year 10                                Page 3 of 7                                                                          2/20/04

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