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achieved the 360vu branding and is working toward implementation of this concept.



Staff allocation among the customer agents is guided by geographic factors, the number of companies in the region as well as the needs of the targeted firms.

The Nebraska MEP serves the entire state of Nebraska and its 1,811 manufacturers.  The top 10 manufacturing industries in the state are food processing, followed by industrial machinery, printing, metal fabrication, nonmetallic minerals, miscellaneous manufacturing, furniture, chemical, transportation, and plastics/rubber.

Ninety-seven percent of the manufacturers in Nebraska have fewer than 500 employees, eighty-six percent employ 100 or fewer.  This is close to the national average.  Of the remaining three percent, approximately 46 manufacturers employ more than 500 employees, and 14 companies employing over 1000.

Nebraska manufacturing employment totaled 106,690, accounting for just over 12 percent of the state’s nonagricultural work force.

Food processing is the largest manufacturing category with approximately 32 percent of total manufacturing.  Meat products manufacturing accounts for over 2/3 of Nebraska’s food processing employment.

Agriculture and agriculture related business is Nebraska’s dominant industry.  It is estimated that one-half of Nebraska’s workforce depends on agriculture and the many related industries involved in all phases of the food and fiber chain from production to marketing for their employment.

The majority of Nebraska’s manufacturers are located in the Northeast and Southeast MEP field regions.  The Southwestern and Northwestern regions of the state are rural, sparsely populated areas with scattered clusters of commerce centers.

Because of the wide variety of products manufactured by the firms in the client base, there is no typical manufacturing client for NMEP.  The average company in the target market sells to regional markets and produces in small lots.  Food processing accounts for 48.1% of total Nebraska exports, followed by industrial machinery at 11.7%, and electronic equipment at 6.2% of total Nebraska exports.

NMEP Operating Plan – Year 10                                Page 4 of 7                                                                          2/20/04

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