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yields universal good."

Wow of silence 3rd Faculty of Medicine

"I hereby solemnly declare that I shall keep silence about all known facts, especially those that concern patients, which I will learn during my studies for the academic distinction at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine."

Master of Arts Pledge


Doctorandi clarissimi, examinibus, quae ad eorum, qui in arte medica doctoris nomen ac honores consequi student, doctrinam et facultatem explorandam lege constituta sunt, cum laude superatis, nos adiistis desiderantes, ut vos eo honore in hoc solemni consessu ornaremus.

Prius autem fides est danda, vos tales semper futuros, quales vos esse iubebit dignitas, quam obtinueritis, et nos vos fore speramus.

Spondebitis igitur

PRIMUM vos huius Universitatis, in qua summum in arte medica gradum ascenderitis, piam perpetuo memoriam habituros, eiusque res ac rationes, quoad poteritis, adiuturos:

DEIN honorem eum, quem in vos collaturus sum, integrum incolumemque servaturos:

POSTREMO doctrinam, qua vos nunc polletis, cum industria vestra culturos et cum omnibus incrementis, quae progrediente tempore haec ars ceperit, aucturos et in prosperitatem hominum studiose conversuros, denique cunctis officiis, quae probum medicum sponsioni Hippocraticae obtemperantem decent, ea quae par est humanitate erga quemcunque functuros esse; HAEC VOS EX ANIMI VESTRI SENTENTIA SPONDEBITIS AC POLLICEBIMINI?

One by one, M. D. students take the pledge on the mace: SPONDEO AC POLLICEOR


Itaque iam nihil impedit, quominus honores quos obtinere cupitis, vobis impertiamus.

Ergo ego promotor rite constitutus vos ex decreto ordinis mei medicinae universae doctores creo, creatos renuntio omniaque medicinae universae doctoris iura ac privilegia potestatemque universam artem medicam exercendi in vos confero. In cuius rei fidem haec diplomata Universitatis Carolinae sigillo firmata vobis in manus


Master of Arts Pledge


Dear students, you have successfully passed all examinations prescribed by law to examine the knowledge of those who apply for the degree of the Doctor of Medicine.

You are now approaching us with a request to award you on this great occasion the degree you apply for.

Firstly, however, you must take the solemn pledge that you will always behave in the way enjoined by this honorable degree you are going to be awarded as well as in accordance with our expectations.

You shall therefore pledge to:

First of all, keep this university, which shall award you a doctor's degree, in your grateful memory, and support its activity and interests as much as you can, and also to preserve the degree I shall shortly bestow on you untarnished and in good repute.

Finally, to earnestly advance the knowledge you have acquired, to keep learning and ceaselessly enlarge your knowledge with new findings and discoveries, and to turn your knowledge into good use for the advance of humankind, and to fulfil all your duties as any and every doctor of medicine should according to Hippocrates' oath, and to proceed and approach everybody with proper humanness.

Do you take this pledge upon your conscience?

One by one, graduates take the pledge on the mace: I promise and swear.


Now there is nothing which would prevent us from awarding you the degree you wish to achieve.

Therefore, I, legally appointed promotor of the Faculty, by the power of my office award you doctors of general medicine and publicly announce your degree and confer upon you all the rights and privileges of the doctors of general medicine, including the practice of the doctor's office.

To prove this, please accept your official diplomas with the seal of Charles University.

English–speaking Students

In the 1991/92 academic year English instruction to English–speaking MD students in General Medicine with Preventive orientation at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine began. This instruction is on par and keeps

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