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Act (246/1992 Sb.) and decree no. 311/1997 Sb. There is an expert committee for protection of experimental animals working at 3rd Faculty of Medicine. The faculty was accredited to keep animals and run experiments on them, the respective employees were trained and certified accordingly. Any experiment involving animals must be based on a project approved of by the faculty expert committee and supervising organs.

Apart from abiding by principles it is also necessary to treat the animals well. We aim for minimal use of animal model in teaching (they are substituted for by computer simulations). If the animal must be used, then experiments are designed so that pain/suffering are minimised.

If pain or stress assessment are the objective of the research, then a special emphasis is put on benefit for knowledge and health in maximum, and on publication of results in a recognised international journal.

Faculty and Elimination of Waste Products

Waste products of respective faculty departments are stored according to the valid Czech norms. It is removed and then eliminated by SCHB a.s. according to the needs of individual faculty departments (contact the work safety technician).

The following are eliminated:


waste products containing inorganic chemicals


waste products containing organic chemicals


sharp blades (used needles)


other waste products with special requirements to prevent infection spread


other waste products without special requirements to prevent infection spread


non–usable chemicals or drugs


fluorescent bulbs

Students’ Insurance

Foreign students (English–speaking students including Slovak nationals) must arrange for their insurance in the country of their origin or effect insurance individually with any insurance company in the Czech Republic.

Those who are interested in such arrangement of insurance may ask for further details at General Insurance Company (Všeobecná pojišťovna): Praha 6, Vítězné nám.9, tel.24307246, or at http://www.vzp.cz. There are two conditions for effecting the insurance, i.e. long–term

residence in the Czech Republic, and initial medical examination in Homolka Health Center. Monthly insurance depends on age and sex.

In the age group 18–29 years old, the monthly insurance instalment is 1070,– Czech Crowns for men and 1330,– Czech Crowns for women.

Prizes, Foundations and Associations

Margaret M. Bertrand Prize

The award for the best student of the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, founded by Mrs. Margaret M. Bertrand in May 1991. Margaret M. Bertrand, a Canadian professor of English, bestowed the sum of $ 1000 to support the best undergraduates at the Faculty. This endowment is increased by further contributions from teachers, friends and alumni of the Faculty. Every year the best 6th year student is awarded from the interest on this deposit. The amount of prize is commensurate to the amount of actual deposit.

Conditions for granting the award:

average grade throughout the studies at least 1.2

extracurricular activities which contributed to the credit of the faculty

Students of the 6th year shall decide the order of candidates in a secret ballot. The final selection process shall take place during the session of the Academic senate of Science in May.

Members of the administrative board for the endowment:

Margaret M. Bertrand

Prof. MUDr. Cyril Höschl, DrSc.

Prof. MUDr. Jiří Horák, CSc.

Doc. MUDr. Hana Provazníková, CSc.

Prof. MUDr. Richard Rokyta, DrSc.

Doc. MUDr. Bohuslav Svoboda, CSc.

Student of the 3rd Faculty of Medicine Foundation administers over Margaret M. Bertrand Prize

Vesmír Prize

The prize is awarded annually to two students from each year. The faculty shall arrange annual subscriptions of the magazine Vesmír for the selected students. The Academic Senate has the final word based upon the proposal of the student representatives in the Academic Senate.

Conditions for awarding the prize:

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