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(abbreviated to "PhD" after the name). Studies in the doctoral program are regulated by a separate internal set of regulations.


Each study program is given specific concrete form in a study plan. The study plan determines study obligations for each academic year of studies.


Regular Full–time Studies: In the study plan teaching is organized in the form of lectures, exercises, seminars, courses, practical work, laboratory practice, consultations, conferences and independent study, which take place in accordance with the regular teaching plan.


Combined Studies: In the study plan the teaching is organized in a form which uses the principles of both regular and distance studies with use of multimedia forms of instruction where appropriate.


Students in the program for foreigners held in a foreign language are obliged to pay a tuition fee in accordance with article 58, Paragraph 5 of the Law on Universities, Article 26, Sec. 4 and Article 33, Sec.1, Letter c) of the Higher Education Act and Article 1, Sec.3, and Article 2, Sec.5. Appendix 6 of the Higher Education Act.


Students of Charles University in Prague who are not registered at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine may attend all lectures without restriction. Attendance of other forms of instruction is subject to the agreement with the teacher. Such students may obtain formal certification or assessment only if they have the appropriate study obligation registered in their Study Credit Book and confirmed by the Study Department of the 3rd Faculty of Medicine.

Article 3Organization of Study


An academic year lasts 12 calendar months. It is divided into winter semester, summer semester, and vacations. The dates of commencement of terms and vacations are set by the Rector of the University in accordance with Article 3, Sec. 1 and 2 of the University Study and Examinations Regulations.


The basic unit of studies is the academic year.


The scheduling of teaching and examination periods in the individual semesters for individual study programs is the responsibility of the Dean of the Faculty after consultation with the Rector of the University.


During summer vacation students undertake obligatory work practice that they must arrange for themselves, and also the physical education courses specified in the study plans for the individual years of study. On the basis of agreement with the appropriate teaching staff, students may fulfil sections of the study plan even during vacation periods. Examinations may take place during the Summer Vacation only on the basis of mutual agreement between teacher and student.

Part II Bachelor and Master's Studies

Article 4Admission to Studies


A candidate becomes a student of the university on the day of his/her registration for studies. From that day he/she has the right to attend all forms of teaching at the faculty within the framework of the registered study plan. As far as teaching outside the framework of the study plan is concerned, the provisions of Article 2, paragraph 10 apply.


Upon registration for studies, the student is issued with a Study Credit Book. Registration takes place on the date determined by the Dean of the Faculty.


The Faculty issues the student with a Student Identity Card.

Article 5Course of Studies


Registration for each academic year is carried out within a period determined by the Dean. Notice of forthcoming registration dates is publically announced on the official noticeboard at least 2 months before the registration date. On registration for an academic year, the student is obliged to submit his/her Study Credit Book to show that he/she has fulfilled the prior relevant study obligations. A student who has fulfilled the study obligations registered in the Study Credit Book may register for the subsequent year. A further condition of registration may be fulfillment of other requirements arising from current regulations for healthcare workplaces; the Dean in his provisions announces these requirements. Further conditions of registration for students of the parallel study program in English are specified in the contract made between the Dean and the student.

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