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Study obligations are to be understood as completion of the study plan as defined by the form of examination/allocation of credits used for the specific courses concerned (Article 6, Paragraph 1).1)


In his/her Study Credit Book, the student registers the compulsory part of the study plan for the individual year of studies, compulsory core and compulsory optional courses, and also non–compulsory courses if the student wishes to take them. Fulfillment of all registered study obligations is checked on registration for further years of study in accordance with Paragraph 1. Students of Charles University in Prague who are not registered at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine may make written application to the Dean of the Faculty for the registration of courses taken at the faculty. If the Dean approves their application, the study department will confirm the entry in their Study Credit Books.

1)This includes all forms of credits and examinations/tests. e.g. credit from study subject, credit from module, credit from independent course, credit from compulsory optional course, credit from noncompulsory optional course, examination from module, examination from independent course and suchlike.


A student may make written request for postponement of the date of registration, but always only for good reason (health, personal, unavoidable absence abroad etc.), and he or she must have fulfilled all the study obligations necessary for progression to the higher school year before the specified date of commencement of studies. The final registration deadline for a school year is ten working days after the commencement of teaching.


The names of students who have failed to register without offering excuse shall be announced on the official notice board as a summons to substitute registration. Notification of the date of substitute registration will be displayed on the official notice board at least 10 days before the date of substitute registration. If a student still fails to register after this summons, the situation will be regarded as a case falling under Article 13, Sec. 1, letter b). This provision will not, however, be applied

if the student has failed to register for a good reason.


A student who has not fulfilled at least a maximum of two study obligations may make written application to the Dean for permission to repeat the academic year. If a student has not fulfilled more than two study obligations in a given year, or if he/she is not granted the permission to repeat the year mentioned in the first sentence, the situation will be regarded as a case falling under Article 13, Sec. 1, letter b).


The repetition of a year is permitted a maximum of twice over the whole course of studies, but the same year of studies may not be repeated twice.

In a repeat year the student is obliged to fulfil, in full, the study obligations in the subjects which are the reason for repetition, and to take examinations in the subjects in which he/she previously received the grade "good".


If a student submits an application for transfer from one form of studies to another within the same Bachelor or Master's program, the Dean will accept the application so long as he/she sees no obstacles to the arrangement of teaching for the student in the requested form of studies. The application must be submitted at the earliest three months before, and at the latest two months before, the end of the academic year.

One unit (year) of study must always be completed as one form of studies. This provision does not affect the provisions of Article 9.

Article 6Forms of Assessment of Studies


The forms of assessment of studies are continuous assessment, credit, examination, state final examination, state postgraduate examination, defence of dissertation and state doctoral examination.


Credits are awarded for fulfillment of the requirements specified for a given subject. If a credit and examination are prescribed by the study plan, then award of the credit is a condition for taking the examination. The conditions for award of a credit are determined by the Head of the Subject area at the start of teaching, who publicizes them in the usual manner. The award of a credit is entered in the Student's Study Credit Book by the teacher as "zapo─Źteno" or "credit". Where a credit is not awarded anything is entered in the Study Credit

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