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The forms of examination may be written, oral, practical and combined. A combined examination is made up of at least two of these forms. In all forms of examination the student has a right to request more detailed information on his/her results.


The form of examination and basic requirements for the examination are stipulated by the Head of the Subject Area at the latest 10 weeks before the start of the examination period, and the dates of the examinations are announced at the latest 4 weeks before the start of the examination period.


The results of examinations, state final and state postgraduate examinations are classified by examiners, or examination committee, using the following grade scale:

výborně (excellent) (1)

velmi dobře (very good)(2)

dobře (good) (3)

neprospěl/a (fail) (4)


The result is entered in the Study Credit Book with date and signature by the examiner of examination committee. The result "neprospěl/a" [fail] is not entered in the Study Credit Book, but merely the date of the examination without signature. A student who obtains the grade "neprospěl/a" [fail] has not fulfilled the requirements for the studies.


A student may take an examination a maximum of three times, i.e. he/she has a right to two resit dates; a special resit (article 68, sec. 3, letter a) of the Law on Universities) is not permitted. In the doctoral study program a student may take an examination a maximum of twice, i.e. he/she has a right to only one resit.


The number of announced dates must correspond to the number of students, and the dates of examinations must be spread over the whole examination period. This provision does not establish any student right to the arrangement of a special date of examination.


Either by his/her own decision or on the request of a teacher or student, the Dean may determine that an examination take place before a committee nominated by himself/herself.

Article 7The Individual Study Plan


On the basis of a written request from a student the Dean may permit the organization of studies according to an individual study plan (hereinafter "ISP"),

which principally modifies the organization of the compulsory part of studies while maintaining the coherent order of study subjects. Permission of this kind is given only when the request is based on serious personal or health reasons, as a result of parallel studies at a university in the Czech Republic or abroad, to exceptionally talented students or to top sportsmen and sportswomen.


Studies based on an ISP are permitted by the Dean for the period of one academic year.


At the end of studies based on an ISP the Dean shall decide on the assignment of the student to the appropriate school year. If the student has not successfully completed the compulsory part of studies according to the ISP, the Dean may permit the repetition of the year on the basis of a written request from the student. In such a case the Dean will stipulate the study obligations that the student must fulfil for that academic year. If the student fails to fulfil these obligations, or if he/she is not granted permission to repeat the preceding academic year, the situation shall be regarded as a case falling under Article 13, Sec. 1, letter b).

Article 8Interruption of Studies


Studies in the framework of the study program may be interrupted more than once.


The dean may interrupt student's studies, either upon the student's written request or on his/her own initiative if this is necessary to avert a threat to the interests of the student, provided that the origin of such a threat is not related to the issues of previous fulfillment of study obligations. Provided that a student applies for interruption of studies after he/she has demonstrated fulfillment of obligations in a given unit of studies and before registering for a further unit of studies, and provided that no disciplinary proceedings have been initiated against the student, the Dean will approve his/her request; this form of interruption of studies will be for a minimum of one academic year. The provisions of Paragraph 6 remain unaffected by this regulation.


On the date of interruption of his/her studies, the student loses the status of student as defined by the Law on Universities, and the periods previously set for fulfillment of his/her study obligations do not start to apply or

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