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continue to apply. After interruption of studies, the Dean will decide in case of need on the assignment of the student to the appropriate unit of studies. If during interruption of studies a change is made in the study plan applicable to the student concern, the Dean will specify which study obligations the student must fulfil and terms for their fulfillment in line with these regulations and the relevant study plan: in this connection, the Dean may also impose on the student the obligation to take bridging examinations within a certain time period.


When the period of interruption of studies expires, the former student has the right to re–register for studies. If the reasons for interruption of studies no longer apply, the Dean may terminate the interruption of studies acting on the written application of the former student concerned even before the expiry of the previously determined period of interruption of studies. If the former student does not re–register by the initial registration date set, the procedure is as described in Article 5, sec.5.


With the exception of cases where the reasons are particularly serious, and especially reasons of health, studies may be interrupted at the earliest after completion of the first academic year of study.


The longest permissible period of interruption of studies (article 54, sec.1 of the Law on Universities) is a period that together with the real period of studies does not exceed the maximum period of studies. The real period of studies is defined as the period that has elapsed from the date of registration at university minus the period of interrupted studies.


If a student on the Doctoral Studies Program requests permission for the interruption of studies, and provided that the student has not been the subject of disciplinary procedures in which the disciplinary committee has proposed the sanction of exclusion from studies, and the Dean has not by his decision imposed lesser sanctions or returned the matter to the committee, the Dean will agree to his/her request. Studies may be interrupted for a minimum period of one year. The longest possible overall period of interruption of studies is 5 years.

Article 9Maximum Period of Studies


The maximum period of studies in the Bachelor Studies Program is the standard period of studies in this

program plus three years.


The maximum period of studies in the Master's Studies Program is the standard period of studies plus 5 years. The maximum period of studies in the Master's study program that follows on from the Bachelor Studies Program is the standard period of studies plus 3 years.


The maximum period of studies in the Doctoral Studies Program is the standard period of studies plus 5 years, but students taking the regular full–time form of these studies may study for a maximum of only three years (University Study and Examination Regulations, Article 9, Sec.1)


If a student has not completed regular studies within the maximum period of studies, the case is to be regarded as falling under the provisions of Article 13, Sec.1, letter b).

Article 10Recognition of Study Obligations

On the basis of a written request from the student, the Dean may recognize fulfillment of study obligations in cases where a student has fulfilled comparable study obligations at a university in the Czech Republic or abroad in recent 10 years.

Article 11State Final Examinations


The State Final Examination (hereinafter simply "State Examination" with the abbreviation designating part of the examination as well as the whole), takes place before an examination committee. The course and announcement of the results of a State Examination are public. A record is kept of the course of the State Examination which is signed by the Chairman or by another member of the committee who represents him and by all members of the committee present. The number of members present may not be less than three.


The chairman and members of the committee are nominated and may be removed by the Dean with the agreement of the Faculty Research Committee. Members of the committee include experts nominated by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Education of the Czech Republic.


The State Examination in Master’s Program is composed of individual parts of the study program concerned. The State Examination in Bachelor Program consists of two parts: the first part is the

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