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defence of a Bachelor thesis.


State Examinations take place on dates stipulated by the Dean of the Faculty, consisting of one date for the regular examination and two further dates for resits. The dates are announced at least a month beforehand on the Official Faculty Notice Committee.


A student may apply to take a State Examination only after fulfillment of the appropriate study obligations stipulated by the study plan. The student will apply to take the State Examination at the secretariat of the center of clinic concerned, observing the announced deadline and using the appropriate internal form.


A student must take the State Examination within two years of the first day of the calendar month following the day on which he/she fulfilled all the preconditions required to take the State Examination. If the student does not take the State Examination within this period, the case is regarded as falling under Article 13, Sec. 1, Letter b). The day on which a student fulfilled all the required preconditions as stated in the first sentence is defined as the first set day of state examinations for which the student would be able to apply in accordance with Sec.5.


If a student is graded "neprospěl/a" [fail] even on the second of the two possible resits of State Examinations, the case is considered to fall under Article 13, sec.1, letter b).


Withdrawal from a State Examination once it has commenced for reasons of immediate indisposition is possible only at a point before the student has been given the assigned examination questions. If a student withdraws after these questions have been communicated to him/her, the student is classified with the grade "neprospěl/a" [fail].


A student who passes a State Examination within the proper dates (three weeks before the date of a graduation ceremony) and fulfils all other potential requirements published in the Dean's provisions, will be included on the list of graduands for regular graduation on the date determined by the University Rector.


A student may apply for the first resit of a State Examination at the earliest four weeks after the date of the regular State Examination. A student may apply for the second resit of the State

Examination at the earliest five months after the date of the first resit. Further resits of a State examination are not permitted.


A student graduates with distinction in cases where no sections of a State Examination were taken as resits or classified with the grade "dobře", where the resulting classification was "výborně" [excellent] and the average results throughout the course of study were the maximum 1.50


The final classification of a student's State Examination is determined by a committee made up of the chairmen or members of the committees for parts of the State Examination. The Committee is called by the Dean acting through the Study Department.


A State Examination cannot be taken by a student who is currently subject to disciplinary proceedings in which the disciplinary committee has proposed the sanction of exclusion from studies and where the Dean has not imposed a lighter sanction by his own decision or returned the matter to the committee, and the rector has not quashed the decision of the Dean.

Part III Conclusion of Studies

Article 12Proper Completion of Studies


Studies are properly concluded with completion of studies in the appropriate study program. The day of completion of studies is understood as the day on which the student successfully takes the State Final examination or State Postgraduate Examination or its final part.


Proper completion of studies and award of the appropriate academic title is certified by a university diploma indicating the study program or study discipline concerned, which is issued to graduates at the degree ceremony, and a certificate on the State Final Examination, State postgraduate Examination or State Doctoral Examination and defence of dissertation. If the graduate is not present at the degree ceremony, the university will convey the university diploma to him/her by a method determined by the Rector. On request a graduate can obtain a supplement to the diploma. The supplement to the diploma usually takes the form of a confirmation of the examinations passed and their classification.

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