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heads of individual departments, docents and lecturers took place at the faculties. The arrangement of the University stems from ages–proven tradition and is commensurate to the needs and requirements of individual faculties for autonomy as well as their co–operation and co–ordination. To remain open and open–minded to foreign countries means to come back to the free, developed modern world.

The Parliamentary elections in June 1992 evidenced the political tendency of the revolutionary November, excepting for a separate vote of the Slovak people

which caused the federal country – Czechoslovakia – to fall apart). The Czech Republic was proclaimed on the 1st January 1993. Naturally, this country falls into line of independent Czech statehood from the first rulers of the Přemyslid dynasty where the Czechoslovak period forms no exception. The Charles University, the oldest university in middle Europe, belongs by dint of tradition as well as by the strong hand of its current potential among the most important cultural, scientific and educational institutions in our country.

3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague


The activity of the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, takes place predominantly in the Faculty Hospital Královské Vinohrady in Prague 10 and in the nearby complex of the State Institute of Health.

The 3rd Faculty of Medicine belongs to the tradition of the Charles University from the earliest times, for medicine was one of the four subjects taught ever since it was established in 1348. From academic year 1882/83, the Faculty of Medicine, just as the rest of the University, was divided into two parts – German and Czech. On November 17th, together with all other Czech schools, the Czech part of the University was closed. This temporary halt in Czech education lasted till 1945. Then, along with the whole of German University, the German Faculty of Medicine was abolished. Its property was handed over to the Czech Faculty of Medicine. In 1953 the Ministry of Higher Education divided the Prague Faculty of Medicine into three separate faculties: the Faculty of General Medicine (including stomatology), the Faculty of Pediatrics, and the Faculty of Hygiene (lékařská fakulta hygienická, LFH). The last mentioned one was transformed into the current 3rd Faculty of Medicine in 1990. The fact that a new independent Faculty of Hygiene was created in 1953 brought about some fundamental changes: this Faculty preserved a basic medical focus, although it specialized in the field of hygiene and prevention. On the one hand this specialization enabled to develop all branches of hygiene in our post–war medicine, but on the other it at the same

time restricted and limited the scope of students’ realization in clinical practice.

The decision to locate the new Faculty into the Vinohrady Medical Complex provided favorable conditions for a number of experts who would teach and practice here. Among others we should mention especially:

Prof. MUDr. F. Burian, the founder of Czech plastic surgery

Prof. MUDr. E. Polák, an outstanding surgeon

Prof. MUDr. V. Jonáš, a famous cardiologist

Prof. MUDr. J. Syllaba, the founder of Czechoslovak diabetology

Prof. MUDr. J. Šebek, Chairman of the Department of Neurology

Prof. MUDr. E. Knobloch, Chairman of the Department of Forensic Medicine

Doc. MUDr. V. Petráň, Head of the Department of Psychiatry

Prof. MUDr. J. Janků, Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology

In spite of a rather formalistic and cadre–based instruction of the communist era, since after the 1989 Revolution we were able to carry out all substantial changes in the organization of the Faculty requisite for the realization of the new curriculum and study reforms. The name of the Faculty was changed to the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, which underlined its general focus. The election of the dean took place, the Academic Senate was established along with the Scientific Council which enlists many outstanding foreign

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