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enforcement of compelling measures, as well as support the education in preventive medicine. Also, the Institution was to provide sera and inoculation liquids, control medication, and furnish bacteriology–diagnostic services. A Department of Hygiene was established within the Institution whose task was to carry out researches in the sphere of the hygiene of nutrition, school, and community hygiene.

Step by step, after 1945 the complex was divided into separate institutions of the Ministry of Health, that became part and parcel of the teaching ground of the Faculty of Hygiene, Charles University. In 1971 all the institutions were united into one science–and–research establishment of the Ministry of Health in the fields of hygiene, epidemiology, and microbiology called the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology.

In January 1992 the Minister of Health M. Bojar set up the State Institute of Health again.

The State Institute of Health is a central institution with nation–wide impact instituted in order to:

preserve and support public health

prevent the spread of diseases

survey the influence of environment on the state of health of the population

MUDr. Michal Vít is the director of the Institute. Prof. MUDr. Kamil Provazník, CSc. holds the post of the director’s secretary for science and research.

The activity of the Institute is sub–divided into five subject centers:

Health and Living Conditions Center (head: Doc. MUDr. L. Komárek, CSc.)

Hygiene of Health and Occupational Diseases Center (head: Prof. MUDr. M. Cikrt, DrSc.)

Epidemiology and Microbiology Center (head: Doc. MUDr. B. Kříž, CSc.)

Food Chains Center (head: MVDr. J. Ruprich, CSc.)

Hygiene of Environment Center (head: MUDr. Růžena Kubínová)

As to the fundamental activities we may mention in particular:

Science–research exertion, educational and edifying endeavor, referential activity (The State Institute of Health unites 47 National Reference Centers, laboratories, and establishments of hygiene, microbiology, and epidemiology), evaluations (a number of laboratories evaluate health risks of various products – from foodstuffs to cosmetics to ‘articles of everyday use’), monitoring of the health state of the population vis–a–vis the environment, a nation–wide project of studying the impact of harmful particles on human health.

In the sphere of Medicare and disease prevention the Institute attempts to solve currently hottest potatoes, medically speaking, within the scope of the above mentioned as well as other projects:

1.In the field of the prevention of infectious diseases we are concerned with epidemiological studies of serious infections, such as AIDS, tuberculosis, intestinal infections and toxicosis, diverse viral afflictions, in particular hepatitis, surveying the occurrence of new types of infection, going as far as monitoring the resistance to antibiotics.

2.Healthy lifestyle as a prevention of cardiovascular diseases and tumors, including fight against alcoholism, tobacco and drug addiction, are the top priority in the area of community medicine and different subjects of hygiene. What is also important is the contribution made in the sphere of work hygiene and occupational diseases toward the creation of a healthy workplace. The problem of healthy nutrition is solved with regard to its minimal health risks as well as composition desirable for the health of a human being.

The State Institute of Health is a teaching foundation for graduate and postgraduate instruction in a whole range of preventive subjects at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. The State Institute of Health is accredited as a center co–operating with the World Health Organization

Psychiatric Center Prague


The Psychiatric Center, which is situated in the precincts of Bohnice Hospital, has been founded in 1961 as the Psychiatric Research Institute. Its first director was

MUDr. Lubomír Hanzlíček, DrSc., later professor of psychiatry at the Faculty of Hygiene, author of a unique encyclopaedia of Psychiatry.

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