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February 2002

(NEC) and RCW requirements in place at the time the installed wiring was completed. This means that if a house was wired in 1978, the wiring must met the requirements of the 1978 RCW and the 1978 NEC; this may include listing and labeling of equipment and wiring.

All move-on buildings/structures, residential or commercial, must be inspected prior to connection to electrical power. If the residential building/structure is not in compliance, the person performing the wiring may request relief through the variance process on a case-by-case basis. Variance requests are evaluated to ensure that the minimum levels of safety have been met or mitigated.

Prefabricated Buildings

Classification, listing, and labeling of a factory structure by a product testing laboratory is not a substitute for field or factory inspection performed by the appropriate Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). The department retains the right to do inspections of prefabricated buildings/structures that will be sited in Washington. Electrical testing laboratories are not approved in Washington to perform inspections or make approvals based on the National Electrical Code (NEC), RCW 19.28 or other building codes.

If open construction methods are used, an electrical work permit must be purchased and inspection, by the electrical inspector, is required to ensure compliance with all of the appropriate standards (e.g. NEC, RCW 19.28 and appropriate WAC rules). The person purchasing the electrical permit will be responsible for the installation of all of the electrical equipment. Permit fees will be based upon the number of services, feeders, and circuits installed per WAC 296-46A-910. Local building authorities are responsible for ensuring compliance with other applicable building codes.

If closed construction methods are used, the structures must comply with all of the requirements of WAC 296-150F – Factory-built Housing and Commercial Structures, including plan review, factory inspections during construction, and proper insignia identification of the approved structures by L&I’s Factory Assembled Structures program. Closed construction is when any structural element(s) or component(s) is not open for visual inspection. This includes, but is not limited to: electrical, plumbing, HVAC/R, studs, welds, insulation, vapor barriers and fastening devices.

Fire Pump Installations

NEC Article 695 applies to fire pump installations that are legally required by a municipal, county, state, or federal fire protection authority. Such installations must be made using listed equipment in accordance with NEC 695-10. Booster pump/sprinkler systems that are installed voluntarily or installed in one and two family dwellings do not require the use of a listed fire pump or listed fire pump controller and Article 695 does not apply.

The requirements of NEC 430—MOTORS, MOTOR CIRCUITS AND CONTROLLERS relating to overcurrent and overload protection must be met in a “not legally required” voluntary booster pump/sprinkler system. Since fire pump controllers are investigated to ANSI/UL 218 and must allow conductors to carry the locked rotor current of the motor indefinitely, it is unlikely that compliance with NEC 430 can be obtained using listed fire pump controller equipment. Conventional motor control equipment is normally less expensive and more suitable for the intended use.

Code Question of the Month

This month’s Code Question: The cross-sectional area of the conductors permitted in a seal shall not exceed _____ percent of the cross-sectional area of rigid metal conduit, unless the seal is specifically listed for a higher percentage of conductor fill. A) 25, B) 50, C) 100, D) 125

Last month’s Code Question: The height of a meter must be? A) 5-7 feet. B) 6 feet to the center of the meter. C) As required by the serving utility. D) Any of the above. The answer is: C) As required by the serving utility. [WAC 296-46A-23001(3)]

Electrical Section Internet Address: www.lni.wa.gov/scs/electrical

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