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Current Controls

Action Required

Asbestos Insulation

Damage to asbestos pipe insulation dependant on type of work carried out

Annual inspection by Mechanical Section and records maintained.

Only approved Licensed Contractors used to remove/repair asbestos insulation.

See Section 9.1.2 of H&S Manual.

Method statement, indicating the ways in which possible damage to asbestos insulation will be eliminated, may be required depending on the proposed work to be carried out.

Care must be taken at all times not to damage the asbestos.

Report any damage to E&B Supervisor immediately.

Monitor standards of working within duct.

Power Cables (including high voltage cables)

Damage to any power cable within duct.

All personnel entering duct warned of their presence particularly high voltage cables.  Annual inspection of cables by Electrical Section

Be aware of surrounding electrical power supplies within duct and carry out work accordingly to avoid damage to all cables.

Report any damage to E&B Supervisor immediately.

Restricted Working Space

Personnel becoming stuck/jammed.


Minimum 2 men working in duct.

Select suitable staff to work in duct.

Falling Material/tools/

equipment etc

Possible collapse of old concrete manhole cover to side of duct.

Materials/tools etc. falling into open manhole(s)

Avoid area

Toe boards to be erected on manhole barriers.

Carry out necessary repairs to cover to prevent possible collapse.

No loose equipment left which could fall into open manhole(s).

All tools/materials/equipment to be lowered into manhole.

Steam/Hot water Burst

Ingress of steam or hot water into duct

Annual inspection of condition of pipework by Mechanical Section and repairs carried out as necessary.

Should any leaks develop, evacuate the space immediately and report to E&B Supervisor.  Where possible, carry out work during annual steam shutdown period.

Create escape route via manhole to road surface at end of existing dead-end leg running between Kelvin/Bower Buildings.


Fixed electrical cables in duct becoming overheated or damaged.

Personnel exposed to smoke/fire from entering building which is on fire   e.g. re-entering West Medical Building from duct.

Regular inspection of cables carried out by Electrical Section.

No high risk ignition sources.

No smoking.

No extraneous combustible materials.

No hot work to be carried on without first obtaining a Permit.  See Section 4.2 of H&S Manual.

Monitor to ensure inspection and housekeeping standards are being maintained.  Monitor to ensure HOT WORK PERMITS are used when required.  Enforce NO SMOKING policy.

Report any cable damage to E&B Supervisor immediately.

In the event of suspected smoke/fire, evacuate duct immediately via nearest egress point and report to E&B Supervisor.  Ensure that all colleagues have also evacuated duct.  Extend existing fire alarm systems within buildings directly connected to ducts to give warning of fire at egress points from ducts to buildings.

Toxic Fumes

Ingress of toxic fumes/smoke/

gasses/vapours etc. into duct from buildings

No known sources within duct

Vacate duct immediately should any unusual smell be detected and report to E&B Supervisor.  Fire alarm within buildings to be activated in the event of evacuation.  Ensure that all colleagues have also evacuated duct.  Carry out regular air monitoring.

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