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Current Controls

Action Required


Bitten by rats/mice.

Contact with rat’s urine.

Regular inspections by Mechanical Section to ensure ducts are rodent free.

Report any evidence of rodent presence to E&B Supervisor.

Obtain Hospital treatment immediately if bitten and report to E&B Supervisor and SEPS.

Ensure good standards of personal hygiene and wear PPE.

Unauthorised Access into ducts

Vandalism/plant damage.

Personal injury etc.

Lock all access doors to duct from buildings.

Provide additional security doors where required.

Keys to be retained by Designated Persons

Emergency Procedures

Failure to escape quickly from ducts in event of emergency.

A minimum of two egress points must be available at all times when persons are entering/working in the duct e.g. exit to WMB plus at least one other manhole cover opened, fitted with a ladder, barriers erected and made available as a means of escape.  If work is longer than 1hr duration, all manhole exit points to be made available and fitted with ladders etc.  Any additional emergency procedures that may be required should be the subject of a separate risk assessment by the appropriate Supervisor concerned and a copy appended to this document.

*Confined Space

Duct at present is not a designated confined space.  However, the carrying out of certain operations within the duct may make it a confined space for which a PERMIT-TO-WORK will be required  e.g. pipe freezing.

Risk Assessment to be job specific.

The Confined Spaces Regulations 1997

See Section 4.1 of H&S Manual

Job dependant.

*Manual Handling

Risk Assessment to be job specific.

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992

See Section 11.3 H&S Manual

Job dependant.

*Hazardous Substances

Risk Assessment to be job specific.

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1999

Job dependant.

*NOTE:  These last three hazards are examples of other possible hazards that may be created by the work being carried out within the duct at the time.  It is possible that the type of work being carried out may create other hazards.  A further detailed Risk Assessment must be carried out by the appropriate Supervisor on all foreseeable hazards which could be created by the proposed work and appropriate controls/actions implemented according to the identified risks.

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