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2 UGA Parents and Families Fall 2003

Clearly, the situation calls for communication and nego- tiation.

I advise students to be considerate of their parents and take into account how much their parents are interested in their lives at college. Home is not a residence hall, and stu- dents shouldn’t expect to come and go as if they were liv- ing with 700 other first-years. Parents and students need to choose their battles carefully and try to be flexible in

negotiating their wants and needs. Communication is the key. As long as everyone is talking and listening, there is no reason that satisfactory compromises can’t be reached. And, remember the first visit is the hardest!

Happy Holidays!

Leslie Banahan is Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at UGA and parent to two former college students.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles



On a typical day, college students are faced with many choices that will directly affect their academic and social success. Living in an era where media plays a significant role in influencing our youth, it is difficult, at times, for students to make wise, informed decisions, especially when it involves health. At the University Health Center at UGA, there is an active staff of ded- icated physicians, health educators and health care professionals to assist your student in numerous areas of health-related con- cerns. From dealing with a stomachache or toothache to learning about stress management or alcohol awareness, there is a pro- gram or service to deal with all of your student’s basic medical and psychological needs. As noted in its publications, the Health Center’s state-of-the-art facility “is one of the few collegiate health facili- ties in the country to be accredited with full compliance by the prestigious Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.” When a student misses even one or two days of class due to illness, it hinders his or her studies. It is important, therefore, to discover a viral or bacterial infection before it becomes severe, interrupting your son’s or daughter’s educational duties. Liz Rachun, health communications coordinator for the Health Center, sees “students’ close proximity to others and a lack of sleep as two important contrib- utors to sickness.” Given that healthcare is included with the price of student fees, there is no extra charge for a visit with a University physician if your student is not feeling up to par. Only additional services such as lab tests and x-rays require a payment, but the University will direct bill health insur- ance companies. There also is a campus pharmacy, located within the Health Center, which offers pre- scription and over-the-counter medications at competitive prices. As many of you know, there was a meningitis scare in September of this year when a student was thought to have contracted the often-fatal bacterial version of the disease. Although the test results came back negative, the University Health Center made every effort possible to quickly inform the University community of the precautions necessary to prevent contraction of the disease, as well as to encourage students and faculty members who exhibited symptoms to immediately contact their physi- cian. The prompt action by officials at the Health Center demonstrates their dedication to UGA stu- dents and faculty. Representatives at the University Health Center are more than willing to answer parents’ questions concerning specific services offered at the University of Georgia. The Health Center Web site — www.uhs.uga.edu — provides ample information about the most recent health studies, vacci- nations and services available to students, as well as a “Just For Parents” section which answers all of the basic questions parents have about their student’s healthcare. In the midst of all the efforts the University Health Center has made to educate the University populace, there is no doubt they are rais- ing student awareness of health-related issues, as well as promoting healthy lifestyles. U G A P a r e n t s a n d F a m i l i e s THE NEWSLETTER OF THE UGA PARENTS & FAMILIES A S S O C I AT I O N PUBLISHER THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA EDITOR MARJIE GRAHAM Office of Development UGA Foundation Building Athens, GA 30602-5582 (706) 542-7005 FAX (706) 542-8252 mgraham@uga.edu DESIGN UGA Public Affairs/Publications


Keith Higginbotham, a junior from Elberton, Ga., is majoring in public relations and works in the UGA Office of Development.

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