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AARP Multicultural Survey July 2001

4. Non-Hispanic Whites

Three-fourths of the older boomers in the United States are, unsurprisingly, non- Hispanic whites.

Family ties and satisfaction:

  • Whites are more satisfied overall than others (55% very satisfied, compared with 53% average) with the way their lives are going. They are the most likely to volunteer that they are looking forward to retirement or more leisure time in the next five years (42%, compared with about a third of the other groups). Members of other racial and ethnic groups show more interest in improving their economic situations.

  • Non-Hispanic whites frequently (77%) mention children first as their close family members, and they are the most likely to mention their own parents (55%) as being part of what they view as close family.

  • Fourteen percent grew up with grandparents in their household, a smaller proportion than that among other racial and ethnic groups. The presence of other relatives—such as aunts, uncles, or cousins (4%)—was much less common than among other groups (12%, compared with 16%).

  • Among white older boomers with living parents, many live in the same state or country (42% and 37%, respectively), but fewer (33%) live in the same town or city. White extended families, in this sense, are therefore more geographically dispersed than are those of blacks or Hispanics. Meanwhile, only 2 percent have parents who live outside the United States, compared with Hispanics (18%) and Asian Americans (35%).

Prepared for AARP by Belden Russonello & Stewart and Research/Strategy/Management Page 92

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